Sunday, September 1, 2013


Not Just Fish
the nps is hard at work
Wallpapper: Water Lily At Isa Lake
.. There has been some stirring amongst the natives, (two legged variety,) since our post about the killing of fish in Grayling Creek.
.. This was not a sneak attack. We posted about the planning meetings for the native fish conservation plan a few years back (LINK.) We've posted followup notes as well, (this blog is searchable.)
.. To help bring concerned fishers up to speed, the list below will provide current and background information about this plan. You may also directly contact the staff at Yellowstone National Park for current and planned activities within this multi-year project,

EA DOCUMENT (in three sections,)
.. There are a few other actions that will probably affect fishers and winter visitors as well. Below are some links to those plans and actions.

Bridge over Isa Lake - plans to close the south loop road  in 2014 and 2015 to rebuild the bridge and bring it up to contemporary standards, this action is open for public comment. (LINK)

Winter use plan ratified - new definitions are decided upon and "Transportation Events" have been codified. Regulations to implement the decisions will be released shortly. (LINK)

Summer 2013 bison count released - the population increase is within the parameters expected for wild bison. They drink from trout streams. (LINK)

Illegal trail in Bechler to be removed - this trail is one that is used to access portions of the Bechler area. Portions of the park will be closed during restoration of the damaged environment. (LINK)

Grizzly encounter thwarted by bear spray - a sow defending her cub charged a group of hikers on the Cygnet Lakes Trail. Bites and scratches were the result. Bear spray works. (LINK)

Fall is approaching and the elk are cavorting - people and vehicles are at risk from rutting elk. Fishers should use caution when wandering around while looking for fish. (LINK)
If you have questions about park actions or policies you can contact the park personnel directly. The first, and best avenue is:

Al Nash or Dan Hottle
(307) 344-2015


These folks can answer your questions and address your concerns. They will put you in touch with the appropriate staff for detailed information, should you need it.
Swollen neck, drippy nose, runny eyes, inflamed nasal passages, panting past enlarged tongue: ain't love grand?