Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nocturnal Brown

Quiet On Shore,
Splash In Water
wallpaper if you choose

.. The mice have made babies. The ground squirrels have made babies. The voles have made babies. The hoppers are big and cranky. The nocturnal bugs are still around.
.. The days have been hot. The days have been bright. The streams are warm.  The nights are cool. Some mornings are even more cool.
.. Both the fish and the mammals forage in the cool. The mice scurry. The hoppers are sluggish. The bugs are active. The ground squirrels are darting. The voles are scampering.
.. At the interface between darting, scurrying, scampering, and cool is the gobbler.
.. The gobbler has avoided activity through the warm and bright day.
.. The gobbler has ignored the miniscule tidbits of a spinner fall. The gobbler has been indifferent to the rising nymphs of the morning mayflies and the evening caddisflies.
.. The gobbler had a snack when a wayward hopper plopped in front of its panting maw as it worked to get oxygen-poor water through it's gills. It was not enough.
.. Very, very cold and very, very warm induce torpor in the gobbler. Cool and cold are where the action is. The nights are cool or occasionally cold.
.. This is action time and after a light and early dinner the fisher should be on the water fishing the shadows in the diminishing daylight.
.. Ignore the remaining caddisflies, prolific though they may be.
 Fish a mouse or fish a bomber or rapidly strip a giant streamer on the surface. Bass poppers are great if they are large enough.
.. The gobbler has senses that we are oblivious to. They are large fish. They have well developed lateral lines. They use them to find prey and avoid danger.
.. If the fisher goes galumphing along the shore the gobbler will not rise to the commotion in the water.
.. The fisher must be quiet. The fisher must be sneaky. The fisher need not cast too far. The fisher need not see the fly. The gobbler need not see the fly. Make sure that the hook is sharp and the leader is strong.
.. Green grass is fading to yellow. It's time for mice.