Saturday, August 31, 2013

No Fish & Fires

Less Friendly Fires Arrive
and so it goes in our neighborhood
HDR Wallpaper: 'TWO TOP' fire, 4 miles south of West Yellowstone
.. We took a little ride up the road and fished for a spell on the Gallatin River.
LOVELY GRAYLING CREEK: devoid of fish & bugs.
.. On the way home we stopped and grabbed a snapshot of our favorite stretch of a little stream that has favored us with many hours of fine escape and solitude.
.. It's still a pretty place but all the fish are dead. Most of the bugs too.
..Low water, high temperatures and a liberal dose of Rotenone have removed the fish and most of the bugs.
..This is part of the native fish conservation plan of Yellowstone National Park.
.. There will be another dose of Rotenone - maybe two. Then Grayling Creek will be the recipient of some grayling and some cutthroat.
.. We should be able to return to fish our neglected bits of water in 5 or 6 years - if we live that long.
.. The Gallatin River is coughing up some nice fish to the local favorite technique; a double hopper rig.
.. There were hoards of hoppers along Grayling Creek. There were no fish on the surface.
.. We await, (but not with held-breath,) the return of friendly fish to Grayling Creek.
.. The "TWO TOP" fire is just a smidgen more than four miles south of West Yellowstone. It's burning in heavy and dry timber along the state line.
.. Since the prevailing winds are toward our little village the Interagency Fire Center has called in resources above the normal for a fire of this size, (about 90 acres.) Smoke jumpers based here were quick to the fire.  The Leland Snow "Air Tractors" are bombing the fire with retardant. There is also a siphon helicopter and a couple of fire crews. Local and State, and Federal manpower is on the scene.
.. The fire is "burning in heavy fuels" - the official jargon for a hot one with lots to eat. Fires are a fact of life in our neighborhood. They rejuvenate the forest and maintain a healthy stand of trees. Of course the burned areas don't usually make for postcard views of the neighborhood.
.. It should be rapidly contained. We'll keep you posted.
B & W Wallpaper:  Watching the "TWO TOP" fire from the edge of town.
Wallpaper: Leland Snow Air Tractor Tanker,  Modified For Fire Fighting.