Monday, August 26, 2013

Green Up High

At Least By Us
probably worth the walk
It's not a real big lake. It has fish. It has scuds. It's worth the walk.
.. It takes just a bit of time and a bit of effort to reach Trout Lake in Yellowstone National Park. It's not far for most folks. We take it slow and get there by-'n'-by.
.. We've not been there in quite a few years. We took the walk over the weekend. We caught a fish or three.  May never get back there - our loss.
A Bit Of Trout Candy - Sort Of Like M&M's.
.. The grass is still green, (not yellow like in the river valleys.) The trout are active and eager. Fishers are well rewarded for their efforts. We suggest that you get there quickly. We also suggest that you fish early.
.. This is where you can hunt the trout. Little nymphs on long leaders, cast from a crouch or when lying down, to fish that can see you, is great fun.
.. Sometimes you'll catch a fish rather than scare the poop out of them. You can do this all day and into the evening. Come down the trail while it's still light out - there are bears.
.. There are surface feeding fish near the shore in the calm of early morning. Hoppers, beetles, moths,  butterflies, ants, and other sundry stuff plops into the water and fish will eat it. Sneaky is the word.
.. The fishers who visit the lake frequently cast way, way, way, out into the lake. They then wait and move the line only a little bit. There are scuds in the lake. Cruising fish eat scuds. The scuds are pregnant now: will be for a few more weeks. You may get lucky. You need patience.
Bridge is nicer than we remember.   In fact we don't remember a bridge.