Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cherry Pickin'

Enjoy The Sights
like visitors from new zealand

WALLPAPER: Hot Pot And Visiting Gawker.
.. During these last days of the summer doldrums we occasionally visit Yellowstone National Park for the wonders that other folks come to see.
.. We generally enter the park early, drive to a place where there will be a fish or two. Catch the fish and then tour. The neighbors call it ""Cherry Pickin'"
.. We all have our favorite spots. We gather up some snapshots. We enjoy the gawkers, the traffic jams, the stupid driving, the elbows from around the world, and the chaos that is summer in Yellowstone.
.. We get some ice cream at Old Faithful. Sometimes we wait the 90 minutes or so for the next eruption. We revel in the fact that we live where so many others want to visit.
.. When it's time to leave wonderland we stop on the way out for another fish or two and call it a day. Usually we get home in time for a late lunch - or - early dinner and visit a place where the visitors have abandoned. It's an occasional ritual that we indulge in a few times each summer. Crowds and elbows grow old very quickly. That's just us. 3,000,000+ folks seem to enjoy it every year.
.. Is it October yet?
Wallpaper: View from above Canyon Village.