Wednesday, July 10, 2013


You sit in a small boat floating in the pacific.
Behind you a miles long trail of fish oil and blended parts, identifiable above the waterline as a boat-width calm strip that undulates slowly toward the horizon as a shark swims close and eats the man-up's fly. The guide says something then hold up four fingers, you take a photo and the moment passes, quickly forgotten.

You sit in an office chair working at your computer.
The room smells warm. An AC unit buzzes and shakes in the wall and your face glows in the dark with light from the screens as you scroll through images then stop. There on the screen is what looks like a question. Four. Four what? Who cares. But you leave and make food or to go work or masterbate to porn on your phone but you can't stop thinking about it so you write some nonsense on the internet.

The End.