Sunday, July 28, 2013

Final Molt In Progress

Nymphal Transformation Now
got your foamies ready ?


.. They are not leaping into many streams yet. There are several species that are molting. They will delight the fish and the fishers soon enough.
.. Get your hopper box in order. Read your journal and plan your attack.
.. Low and hot is the key for early hoppers. Low oxygen levels seem to trigger molting:  Less oxygen = shorter time between molts = shorter life-span = fewer hungry grasshoppers.{LINK}
.. Sightings have been sparse but widely distributed. The lowland Madison River has reported a few. Slough Creek fishers have been surprised by late stage grasshopper nymphs around the campground and in the sagebrush flats downstream. There are adults on the lowland Gallatin River near Norris Road not far from Bozeman, Montana.
.. Speaking of the Gallatin River; it's the best water in the neighborhood right now, (other than Hebgen Reservoir.) It's clear, cold, and just a smidgen low.
.. This is the time of year to pick your poison on the Gallatin River. In the park it's any attractor fly floating or drowned. The evening caddis are available and prolific.
.. Down canyon the spruce moths and PMD's are working. In the lowlands along with ants, beetles, and caddis nymph imitations, there are still some small stoneflies. The rumors of nocturnal stoneflies should not be ignored.
.. We're taking today off in preparation for the newly reconfigured quintet  "HOT DAY AT THE ZOO." 
.. They are making an appearance tonight at 7:00 PM at our Music In The Park concert series.
.. We've never heard "ZOOGRASS MUSIC"  live, up close, and personal,  - Could be akin to fish grass?
..  Galanis is the opening act. Smoke on.
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