Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Enjoy Your Independance

..There are  distinct advantages to fishing in Yellowstone National Park on the Fourth of July:
==> Compare ring tones while exercising your waders,
==> Meet folks with pink fishing vests,
==> Catch flies with flies, (under water,)
==> Observe casting form worse than your own,
==> Delight in fishers festooned in gear worth the price of your BMW,
==> Practice creative parking & master rapid rigging,
==> Exchange insurance information with celebrity chauffeur's,
==> Find and explore alternate fishing locations 'cause the good ones are full of turons,
==> Enjoy bathing beauties in your favorite riffles,
==> Discover the many and varied paint jobs on tour buses,
==> Pose for pictures taken by 90,000 digital cameras.