Saturday, July 6, 2013


Chocolate Arrives
it'll be gone in a day or two
The After Glow  --  With More To Come
.. Some precipitation has arrived to dampen the stifling heat of the neighborhood. The relief has extended across Yellowstone National Park as well. Rivers are running cool, straight, true, and dirty.
.. The colors vary according to the drainage and river section. The Madison River is a lovely shade of beaver, The Firehole River is mostly clear but too warm. The Gibbon River is a medium camel in the upper reaches and a settling almond below the falls.
.. Over in the Lamar River drainage the deep chocolate colors reign with a bit of chestnut showing up in Pebble Creek.
.. Obsidian Creek and it's friend are just a bit off color with burnt almond and golden russet showing up.
.. On the brighter side; the Gallatin River in the park is clearing quickly and should fish just fine in the upcoming thunder and hail storms.
.. Should you choose to fish in these conditions keep the following hints in mind:
==> Fish need to see your offering,
==> Dark silhouettes are good for streamers,
==> Big nymphs are useful,
==> Suspended loads settle quickest in slow sections,
==> The bank is your buddy.
.. We're not taking our lightning rod out for a day or two.