Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Change Of Venue

North And Northeast
many long days of evenings

.. As the rolling thunder, (sorry Bob, etc.,) fades into the middle of July, we set our sights on a few different locales from our early catching of Summer.
.. Of course there are bits of the Madison River that will provide good fishing. Certainly we can still make it to the cool waters of upper Nez Perce Creek.
.. So too, the great Brook Trout water above Upper Geyser Basin on the Firehole River is available.
..  Right now we're looking forward to the month of caddis. About this time each year we realize that the evening is creeping toward noon and that the daylight is becoming less abundant.
.. First and foremost our sights are set on the Gallatin River, it's close to home and the evening caddis hatch brings fish to the surface with solid regularity. We get our first hint of neighborhood hoppers here as well.
.. We also like to visit Pebble Creek and Soda Butte Creek in the less popular sections. The fish are eager and willing, especially after anglers have left the water for an early dinner.
.. It's less than a week until the Yellowstone River opens. Sentiment and tradition demand that we visit and remember what it was like 40 years ago. We'll catch one and then give it a pass.
.. We've plans, this year, to spend more time on the Gardner River. The various stoneflies overlap with the evening caddis and an early hopper invasion.
.. Grasshopper nymphs have been reported so by the end of the month it should be wide open.
.. Then there is Hebgen Reservoir. Gulpers will accelerate their gulping over the next few weeks.
.. And, if you know the weed beds and other places, there are always fish to be had. The water level is low and only some minor adjustment is needed.
.. Drakes are sexy sounding and they do appear. Should we bump into to some it may mean that we couldn't sleep and have arrived at our destination a bit early.
.. Right now it's burger time.