Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lowland Madison

Pods & Pods & Pods Of Eagar Fish
we're loving it to death
.. It is an unusual and wonderful situation. The sparse Spring runoff event, (to date,) has enticed us to the lowlands in order to partake of catching beyond the dreams of even the head hunters and the fin counters.
.. Guides are marking the prows of their drift boats with fish silhouettes like they were WWII bombers.  And those are just the fish over 20".  Small fry aren't even photographed. Anglers are praying for LDR's with each weak tug. Get 'em off and get 'em gone. Such a circus is hard to believe. But, it's true.
.. We're arm weary and eye sore from all the fish. And, we're going back for more. Rare indeed for us. Then again, this only happens infrequently. Forget the correct fly patterns. Throw what you like - the fish will like it too.
.. Needing some rest now. Back at it early . . . . . . . . .