Monday, May 13, 2013

Mom's Hatch

Caddis Scarce
congestion abounds
.. We have heard about the prolific Mother's Day Caddis Hatch erupting on the lowland Madison River and, over the weekend, consumed some valuable petrol to investigate.
.. There were many fishers, (boats, tubes, wading.) Some caught fish. We caught fish. Saw a half dozen caddis flies in five hours. They are avoiding us.
.. Stopped to visit the feather merchants in Ennis. Elbows and knees punctuated the tight quarters and musty aisles. Information, conversation, and ambiance was dispensed freely. It was good.
.. Flows are picking up in the lowlands. Color is creeping into the water on the lowland Madison River. The silt load of the West Fork is beginning to make itself noticed. It brigs with it some fresh nutrients and bits of food. Fish figure it out about a week before the fishers. Flows have remained at seasonal levels.
.. It was one of our few excursions down below. It has it's rewards. It has it's drawbacks. The scenery is nice.
.. Two weeks from today will have seen the hoards of fishers descend on the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.
.. The west side rivers in the park are just beginning to rise. Flows are up a bit and we are entering a runoff event. The Firehole River has spiked in the last two days to about 250 cfs above seasonal norms. It's still relatively clear and could be fished with success.
.. The Gibbon River has been running just above seasonal norms and just now is beginning to climb out of it's torpor. It is surprisingly clear, at the moment.
.. The Madison River has responded to the increase in flow by coming to the bank full stage. It's color is still on the light side and could be fished if it was open.
.. The next 15 days will find temperatures in the mid to high 60's and flows should increase on a daily basis. The warm weather will be accented by rain and even some overnight snows - all of which should contribute to the lovely colors in the rivers.
.. Over the last week the Gallatin River has gone from about 500 cfs to over 2,000 cfs. It will also climb over the next 15 days as well. It's upper reaches in Yellowstone National Park, and down to the Taylor Fork should remain clear enough to fish on opening day.
.. So far the rains have been scattered, ephemeral, light, and accompanied by scenic clouds and pleasant sunsets. We're enjoying it - for now.