Sunday, April 28, 2013


Pinhole image of sign on the Madison River.  Sensor dust and all!
.. For the moment, we have dispensed with the arcane accouterments of fly fishing for the even more tedious tools of pinhole photography.
Aluminum Pinhole on Digital Camera
.. The slow pace, deliberation and preparation is, on occasion, good for the soul.
.. Be it a digital sensor, film, or paper that is exposed, the image is soft and often ethereal. Certainly it is not in keeping with the contemporary aesthetic of super sharp, violently colorful, and post processed to the point of crisp sterility.
.. There is a small resurgent community of photographers that are exploring the limits of the "portable camera obscura." Cameras range from beautifully made precision instruments to such items as Altoid tins, Oatmeal boxes, Sardine cans, and other 'everyday items.'
4x5 pinhole film camera. Photographed with a pinhole camera.
.. The pinhole camera phenomena are parallel to but separate from the toy camera craze that is sweeping the world, (other than the U.S.A., Japan, and a few other gadget-oriented cultures.)
.. Recognizable images of social events are produced and cherished for their spontaneity, crooked framing, soft focus, and idiosyncratic nature of poor or shifted colors.
.. For many aficionados the images are far more engaging than the postcard sterility of most of contemporary photography.
.. There is even a growing body of artists and "serious" photographers that has taken the form to extremes. Large prints and original images on paper are making their way into art galleries and salons around the world, (including the U.S.A.)
Pinhole Soup Can
.. The Museum of Modern Art engaged German artist Michael Wesely to capture the new building with a 34-month-long pinhole image of their new building, (LINK.)
.. Perhaps it's not too surprising that some of the same things that attract some people to fly fishing also attract some of them to pinhole photography.
.. No matter how good the caster of the fly, there is a certain indeterminacy about it's landing and result; the same for pinhole photography. No matter what the speculation about the fish on the end of the line, the same indeterminacy exists until it is landed; the same for pinhole photography. Etc.
.. Pinhole photography is frequently dismissed as: faux photography, gimmicky, diffuse, ethereal, poorly focused, or aimless - so too fly fishing.
.. For now, we're continuing our exploration of the technique. We've dabbled in it, (and fly fishing,) for over half a century - no need to stop now.
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Firehole in Midway Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park - Pinhole Image.