Thursday, February 14, 2013

Z Fish Report (2/14/13)

This sailfish, caught by Gord Roberts, is about to be released
by Capt. Noe on the panga Porpy
The 82 degree blue water is hugging the 100 fathom line all up and down the coast, with good clean water from the 100 fathom line to the beach. The offshore fishing is still holding up with about an average of 2 to 3 sailfish per boat per day. We are still getting a few dorado, and even yellowfin tuna when wanting to make a long 30 mile plus run. Plus, there have been some reports of blue marlin hookups or near misses.
Gord Roberts, on the panga Porpy, with 1 of 5 sails caught
in two days of fishing the blue water
Gord Roberts, as he has done for the last four years, fished with Noe on the panga Porpy for three days. He told me: “Overall we caught 5 sails, 3 dorado, 12 Jack crevalle and 5 bonito. We saw whales, turtles, dolphins and a marlin. This was the best fishing in 4 years by far”.

Debra Campbell from Salisbury, Md. with her first sailfish. She
went 3 for 3 on the trip with Capt. Francisco on the Huntress.
The super panga Huntress, fishing every day, reports Captain Francisco is averaging 3 hookups a trip and an occasional dorado. 
Chuck Ray of Canada with his sailfish coming in
aboad the panga Janeth with Arturo
Santiago on the super panga Gitana reported, “This week, Dick and Ernie from Troncones caught 3 yellow fin tuna and one dorado. Mark Olson from Montana got one 20# tuna and released one sailfish.
Jim Schdhelm aboard the super panga Gitana with Santiago
Deckhand Francisco is holding the sail
On Wenesday, Jim Schindhelm, and his friend Alan, released 5 sailfish. Plus, Josh Schroeder and friends fished with Adan aboard the Gitana II, tagged and released 2 sailfish and kept one large Dorado”
Leadered...on the panga Gitana
Also, Ron Hubbard and Norm Cook from Colorado fished 8 days with Armando aboard the panga 3 Hermanos, releasing 17 sailfish, 7 large dorado, and one jack crevalle.
Noe, aboard the panga Porpy, releasing Gord Roberts jack
The inshore action has been a bit on the tough side and we have been making long runs to find the fish. Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos found the answer again by fishing up at the Ranch. He told me they fished a few minutes on the backside of the waves, and got a very nice 40 pound rooster for his French clients. While the client was fighting his fish, Adolfo spotted birds about a ½ mile off shore. When they got there, they found huge jack crevalle and stayed with them until the clients finally wore out.
Mike Tinker, with a nice jack on the panga Dos Hermanos
with Adolfo
But, Gord Roberts reports he and Noe on the panga Porpy made a short run to out in front of the white rocks and had a blast with the hard fighting jacks. “Bonito were plentiful and we caught as many as we wanted to release, and the same with jack crevalle. Sometimes we would look down into the schools of jacks in the blue water,  just off the white rocks, and you had to be sure you wanted to fight another one before you baited another goggle eye on the hook”.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

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