Friday, February 1, 2013

Shoot On Sight ?

Our Legislature Is Back In Session
not just fish stupidity this time though

.. The Montana Legislature is well known for introducing bills that grab hot button issues and turn them into seething debates, while polarizing it's members and our citizenry. They've done it again!
.. Quick as a sprinter off the blocks, the property rights and agribusiness interests are manipulating their legislative puppets and introducing bills to strip Montana of it's heritage and wildlife.
.. We don't need to belabor the point here. If you are interested in the fate of wild bison, (or elk, or trout, or deer, or any other wild native species,) you can read about it
.. Suffice it to say; many of us have learned to live with these huge, hairy, hoary beasts. Bless their hearts.
.. We're headed to the ice fishing social hour but thought that this should see the light of day as soon as possible. Ice hole report to follow.