Monday, February 25, 2013

Senior Prom

We re-post this now since the court date is close and will address some important issues for Montana and perhaps fishing access across the country. Click on over to CHI WULFF for some insights and details. ((Originally posted November 4, 2012.))
Beware The Whisper
marshall your indignation -- again
.. Now that the rich and infamous have gotten a toehold on restricting usage of the Madison River they are marshaling their forces in the ongoing Ruby River lawsuit.
.. As noted by Ben Lamb, (LINK,) a pair of heavily muscled groups have just joined the fight to overturn Montana's stream access law.
.. As you have probably forgotten, that lawsuit is spearheaded by James Cox Kennedy who likes to use public bridges as fence posts. You remember him. He's the media mogul that has poured millions of dollars into Grady College in Georgia. It's now his alter ego in the new media business, (LINK.) We wonder what he's done for the colleges in MONTANA.
.. Talk about muddy waters! The two briefs, recently filed,  suggest that it's really private ownership and stewardship that enables our great fishing and hunting in this state, (LINK.)
.. In addition to all the rich folks from out of state moving in to buy legislators we now have billionaires and rock stars telling us that they should own the public's resources for our own good.
.. It's time to do some more homework and gear up for the next legislative session. Developers, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, and Land Speculators are watching very closely. With all the money flying into Montana it's not going to be easy - it never is.
Interesting resources:
** A River Runs Through It, (COX LAND THAT IS !)
** PERC, (LET US DO IT FOR YOU !) [Bozeman's gift to wealthy land owners.]
** In The Beginning, (Original debate and results.)
** The Company Line, (The way FWP sees it: currently being revised for the Madison River.)