Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Week of September 9th

This week at Green Valley Lake the bite was good on Monday and Tuesday, but shut down later in the week. Friday saw some nice fish being caught early at Norma's Point and by the Dam with PowerBait. Pearl or white jigs have been good at the dam, or from a boat. Most fish this week were between one and two pounds.

The Cadena’s from Placentia were out on The Point all weekend from sun-up, until sun-down, thru lightning and rain, and although they didn't limit on big ones they did catch some nice fish. Nate Cadena caught his first catfish while using a mealworm. This week there were a dozen or so catfish caught. The crappie raffle ended over Labor Day weekend with John Mills of Green Valley Lake winning the Bass Pro gift card, and Mike Pierce of Riverside taking home the Sniper Baits Jigs. Congratulations to both. We will be stocking with Jess Ranch at least twice more before we close on October 31st.

The Green Valley Lake Recreation Board of Directors would like to acknowledge and thank Diane and Tom Render for their concern and support for the well being and betterment of Green Valley Lake. We would like to thank them for their extremely generous financial contribution towards the maintenance and beautification of the area surrounding the lake. Their commitment and generosity to Green Valley Lake is greatly appreciated.

Thank you Diane & Tom Render

Nate Cadena of Placentia - Catfish
The Point - Meal worm

Frank, Frank, & JD of  Moreno Valley
South Shore - Night crawlers

Tristan Floyd of Green Valley Lake - 4lbs, 4oz rainbow

South Shore - Night crawler

Mike & Sal of Highland - 4lbs, 0oz and 2lbs, 15oz
Dam - Pearl Sniper Jig

Victor Tress - 2lbs, 11oz rainbow

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Use Glue

Perhaps Some Snowshoes
rampant neighborhood creativity
Called "BIG FOOT" By It's Creator This Little Monster Is Yet To Catch A Fish - But It Is "RAD."  
Just use a little glue and twist some body hackle together - Bingo:  feet.
.. Away from the dusty rooms of the feather merchants and in normal residences in the neighborhood are the kids who have discovered tying flies. Some are thirty five years old, (kids to our mind,) others are twelve or thirteen, (innocent babies to our eyes.)
.. In mobile homes that are three decades old they labor. On the kitchen tables, after dinner, they ply their trade. In broken down rental spaces where only Spanish is spoken they produce expressive creations. They make do with rudimentary tools. They use materials from local dead critters brought home from the hunt - or the cat.
.. They have been shunned by the establishment. They don't tie the "right" patterns, in the "right" way, using the "right" methods or materials. Sometimes they appreciate the humor in their own endeavors. They laugh at the possibilities embedded in their pastime. It's a hobby and it's serious only in that it gives serious pleasure and enjoyment. For these folks the act of tying is an end in itself.
.. Of course they fish. Of course they catch fish. Of course they use their creations. But they use commercial flies, borrowed flies, and others people's flies, as well. They float nymphs and they sink dry flies. They explore and experiment. They fish flies with sticks because they don't own a proper fly rod. They cast a bubble with flies attached. The whole endeavor is an adventure.
.. We applaud their efforts. We encourage them to explore beyond the accepted norms of fly tying. Some of the creations are pure trash - they know it and move on. Some are "one-off" explorations. Some, on occasion, are acceptable to their eye and to the fish.
.. Thousands upon thousands of fly tying folks go through this same exploratory experience. Eventually most strive to produce flies that catch fish, (and appeal to their own idiosyncratic or social sense.)
.. The idiosyncrasies of our neighbors are many and varied. Among the influences that affect their tying style are: they are Montana natives, they see the visiting hoards of gear-festooned fishers, they fish as often as they can, they practice religions other than that of the fly, they choose to follow a vision defined by their local experiences - devoid of external commercial or even aesthetic values.
.. Bless their hearts they are merrily exploring a discipline with little influence from the establishment. They do pay homage by cruising the aisles of all the fly shops - they don't buy much. They receive various treatments at each. They then stay up late, (after the dishes,) and "FIDDLE WITH FLIES."
.. Wish we were young, fresh, creative, and experimental, again.
The Mylar Muddler Tarantula Diver  --  Or some such.

River Warriors



Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gigantuous & Eensy

Tickle Your Purity
feel smug about flotation
.. There are some fisher folk that refuse the bobber. For years bits of yarn, toothpicks, foam stickies, and other bits of stuff were called "indicators" in an attempt to disguise the fact that they added flotation as well as visibility to the fly leader and it's attendant flies.
.. Soon, (it's a generational thing,) it became common for the fishers of the fly to call a spade a spade bobber a bobber!
.. Still, however, there are those that are pure of heart and clean of spirit. Not a bobber in the vest. Not a toothpick to be found. No yarn. No foam stickies - chartreuse or otherwise.
.. These elite egoistic purists gentle souls have discovered that there are ways to provide visual enhancements as well as floatation within the rigid strict confining simple parameters of stodgy restrictive conventional traditional fly fishing.
.. The most common way, (in our neighborhood,) to fool your ego is to tie some huge Stimulator flies.
.. Make sure that the wing is twice the size that it ought to be. Fill the body with lots of hollow ungulate hair. Be sure that the thing will hold up a respectable fly. Accept that you will be fishing a fly that is not fashionable at the time - but it is a fly.
.. Then, supply your rig with a beautiful dropper fly that will satisfy the other fishers neighbors feather merchants experts fish. Right now that means some sort of terrestrial critter that will entice a fish: perhaps an ant.
.. The most cagy of the neighborhood traditionalists use a high-floating foam ant with white wings. They would never acknowledge that it too is a bobber, (with a hook.)
.. Some of the "not so cagy" fishers are of a bent that demands real fur and feathers. These folks engage their souls with a CDC ant. They love the fact that it seems "more authentic."
.. We have not the psychological strength to maintain the fiction that the fish know the difference. Then, again, we're not selling flies or dreams or tradition. We're trying to catch fish. Sometimes even the traditional will do the job.
.. Then again . . .

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The "X" Factor

Gawdawful And Glorious
not sexy enough for sophistacates
.. Among the many iterations of flies in the arsenal of the neighbor kids is a group of flies that can trace their origin to the MADAM X.
.. Along with this Doug Swisher creation comes some baggage that is often ignored: the two "P's" of fly fishing.  These are simple and often ignored concepts: Pattern and Presentation. So, of course, the neighbors ignore presentation and concentrate on pattern. (we're going to lose some suds over this.)
.. Since most flies are designed to catch more fisher folks than fish, the neighborhood innovations are designed to do this. "Cool," "Sick," "Rad." "Awesome," are the adjectives. Gather 'round folks and check this out - zowieee!
.. The original fly is not delicate. It is not thin. It is not svelte. It is simple in tying techniques and materials. There is nothing here to cause amazement. The original consists of only a few common materials and can be rapidly tied. It can imitate anything that your imagination allows: caddis flies, grasshoppers, beetles, spiders, stoneflies,  --  let the gray matter free.
.. Of course, shortly after it's introduction on the Bitterroot River, in the 1980's,  a host of 'acceptable' derivatives hit the scene, (feather merchants and fly tiers being what they are.) One of the most successful, (in terms of popularity, success, and sales,) was the TURK TARANTULA.
.. The kids around here are not interested in fame or fortune. They love their tying bench and the act of creation. They fiddle around with whatever is at hand. Some of the flies even catch fish. Below are some iterations that are on the rivers right now.


.. We now have a handful of these monstrosities. We're flinging them into the sweet & pretty waters of the neighborhood. We hope that the fish don't recoil at the sight of them. They may even stick one.
==> Turk Tarantula,
==> Doug Swisher Stuff,
==> Skip Morris On The Madam X, (and variations.)
WALLPAPER: Summer On The Neighborhood Madison River

Z Fish Report (9/5/13)

Lageat and Aurelien Lagarrosse are having a great week
We have had several days of rain again, and almost continuous overcast skies. But, this can be expected in September, our heaviest rain month of the year. We average between 15 and 20 inches during this month. This week we got another 7 inches, and adding that to the 5.5 inches from the week before gives us more rain in two weeks than a lot of the Western States get in a year.

The blue water has come back into the 5 mile mark, but the surface temperature has cooled down from 85° to 82° due to the rains and overcast skies.
Offshore the boats are averaging a solid 2 sailfish a day, with several dorado being taken on a weed line current at the 8 mile mark.

The inshore action is still strong for roosters, and is still a great bet for fishing here. It is just that you don’t have to mind getting a bit wet. There is no wind, so the conditions are safe.  Besides a few jack crevalle and sierras, there are quite a few smaller dorado inshore also.

Two guys, fishing with John Lorenz at Bahia de Tortuga Fishing Lodge in Puerto Vicente Guerrero, had to fish every day, rain or shine. They came here from France to fish roosters. So far Cedric Lageat and Aurelien Lagarrosse have fished 5 days, logging 11 very nice roosters and several jack crevalle.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

Launching the Roosterfish Foundation - 
Shown above is the logo for the wallet sized laminated card for membership in the Roosterfish Foundation. Please contact me at roosterfishfoundation@gmail.comif you are interested in becoming a Founding Member. Founding Member status will be accepted until the end of December of this year.


Monday, September 2, 2013

It's In The Air

Early Prospectors In The Water
some fish being caught - some lost
Pinkish Skies and Yellowish Meadows Signal The Coming Death Of Summer
.. As the grasses turn yellow and the sky colors with the haze from our seasonal fires, fisher folk in the neighborhood are drifting back to the glory waters nearby.
.. There's nothing too serious about the brief forays to the waters. The cold waters are still the focus of serious fishing but the need to see what's what is persistent in the fly fisher's heart and soul. Anticipation, exploration, familiarization, and determination are constituents of the fisher's soul.
The Mysterious Nymph Of The Neighborhood.
.. As often as we fish these waters is as often as we realize the differences from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, season to season, year to year, decade to decade  --  etc. So we revisit the water.
.. It is both grossly the same and minutely different. Slumped banks, exposed point bars, shifted snags and sweepers, new weed beds, scoured bottoms, and oh so much else. Of course it will change over the next 5 or 6 weeks but, we anticipate the direction and amount of change and speculate about the hides of Fall.
.. The water is low now and in anticipation of higher water in the upcoming Fall we plan our approaches to the choice parking spots for the "Fall Run Fish." We note the conditions today and then move on. There is a lot of territory to cover. There is a lot of water to "NOT FISH." The information is valuable. The guide books seldom mention the subtle and not so subtle changes. They are designed to catche fishers - not so much fish, (sort of like fly patterns.)
Turn Here.
.. The glory bits of the Firehole River continue in a gentle cooling trend, the Gibbon River likewise. Both are a bit low and slow. The Madison River has plenty of bugs but few noses during the mid day hours. Hoppers happen and the fish will take a few.
.. Visitors and eager fishers are pounding the waters of the north and east portions of Yellowstone National Park. The fish are biting but the catching is tough most of the time, We are still pounding the cool waters of the Gallatin River above the BIGHORN trail head.
.. The cavorting Brook Trout of the upper Firehole River are still willing to dance and the water is cooler than most on this side of the park.
.. Many of the neighbors are stuck in "Gulper Mode," although the catching has been good but spotty. When you find them they are angry and eager.
.. Some of us are sharpening broadheads and loading ammo for the hunt - it's here now and for the foreseeable future. Decision is the name of the game at this time of year: hunt, fish, tour, etc.
.. Now is the time for ants, moths, hoppers, and beetles on the top. For the submariners among us it's a double nymph rig or a rubberlegs with nymph trailer. The fish are most active in the morning. The big fish eat at night and with the sundown rule in Yellowstone the mouse fishing can be problematic - but rewarding if you do your homework.
.. We've returned to fishing a Hornberg on the surface with an ant dropper. We roll the Hornberg pattern around to the side so that it displays a lot of wing as it floats. Doesn't seem to affect the hooking abilities of the fly at all.
.. We're of to check the poison river and the dead fish.
Looks Like Rain, Feels Like Rain, Smells Like Rain; Blows On Over - Oh Well !

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Not Just Fish
the nps is hard at work
Wallpapper: Water Lily At Isa Lake
.. There has been some stirring amongst the natives, (two legged variety,) since our post about the killing of fish in Grayling Creek.
.. This was not a sneak attack. We posted about the planning meetings for the native fish conservation plan a few years back (LINK.) We've posted followup notes as well, (this blog is searchable.)
.. To help bring concerned fishers up to speed, the list below will provide current and background information about this plan. You may also directly contact the staff at Yellowstone National Park for current and planned activities within this multi-year project,

EA DOCUMENT (in three sections,)
.. There are a few other actions that will probably affect fishers and winter visitors as well. Below are some links to those plans and actions.

Bridge over Isa Lake - plans to close the south loop road  in 2014 and 2015 to rebuild the bridge and bring it up to contemporary standards, this action is open for public comment. (LINK)

Winter use plan ratified - new definitions are decided upon and "Transportation Events" have been codified. Regulations to implement the decisions will be released shortly. (LINK)

Summer 2013 bison count released - the population increase is within the parameters expected for wild bison. They drink from trout streams. (LINK)

Illegal trail in Bechler to be removed - this trail is one that is used to access portions of the Bechler area. Portions of the park will be closed during restoration of the damaged environment. (LINK)

Grizzly encounter thwarted by bear spray - a sow defending her cub charged a group of hikers on the Cygnet Lakes Trail. Bites and scratches were the result. Bear spray works. (LINK)

Fall is approaching and the elk are cavorting - people and vehicles are at risk from rutting elk. Fishers should use caution when wandering around while looking for fish. (LINK)
If you have questions about park actions or policies you can contact the park personnel directly. The first, and best avenue is:

Al Nash or Dan Hottle
(307) 344-2015



These folks can answer your questions and address your concerns. They will put you in touch with the appropriate staff for detailed information, should you need it.
Swollen neck, drippy nose, runny eyes, inflamed nasal passages, panting past enlarged tongue: ain't love grand?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

No Fish & Fires

Less Friendly Fires Arrive
and so it goes in our neighborhood
HDR Wallpaper: 'TWO TOP' fire, 4 miles south of West Yellowstone
.. We took a little ride up the road and fished for a spell on the Gallatin River.
LOVELY GRAYLING CREEK: devoid of fish & bugs.
.. On the way home we stopped and grabbed a snapshot of our favorite stretch of a little stream that has favored us with many hours of fine escape and solitude.
.. It's still a pretty place but all the fish are dead. Most of the bugs too.
..Low water, high temperatures and a liberal dose of Rotenone have removed the fish and most of the bugs.
..This is part of the native fish conservation plan of Yellowstone National Park.
.. There will be another dose of Rotenone - maybe two. Then Grayling Creek will be the recipient of some grayling and some cutthroat.
.. We should be able to return to fish our neglected bits of water in 5 or 6 years - if we live that long.
.. The Gallatin River is coughing up some nice fish to the local favorite technique; a double hopper rig.
.. There were hoards of hoppers along Grayling Creek. There were no fish on the surface.
.. We await, (but not with held-breath,) the return of friendly fish to Grayling Creek.
.. The "TWO TOP" fire is just a smidgen more than four miles south of West Yellowstone. It's burning in heavy and dry timber along the state line.
.. Since the prevailing winds are toward our little village the Interagency Fire Center has called in resources above the normal for a fire of this size, (about 90 acres.) Smoke jumpers based here were quick to the fire.  The Leland Snow "Air Tractors" are bombing the fire with retardant. There is also a siphon helicopter and a couple of fire crews. Local and State, and Federal manpower is on the scene.
.. The fire is "burning in heavy fuels" - the official jargon for a hot one with lots to eat. Fires are a fact of life in our neighborhood. They rejuvenate the forest and maintain a healthy stand of trees. Of course the burned areas don't usually make for postcard views of the neighborhood.
.. It should be rapidly contained. We'll keep you posted.
B & W Wallpaper:  Watching the "TWO TOP" fire from the edge of town.
Wallpaper: Leland Snow Air Tractor Tanker,  Modified For Fire Fighting.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Z Fish Report (8/29/13)

I am finally launching the Roosterfish Foundation. Please read below for more information.

This last week was mostly about rain. From Sunday evening until Tuesday afternoon, we got 5.5 inches of rain, with a lot of it coming during daylight hours. Even though we had very little wind, this made for tough conditions and we did not go out fishing those days. On Wednesday, the skies cleared again and gave us a day to settle things down. The boats are fishing again today (Thursday).
We get some incredible sunrises after the rains
Surprisingly, the blue water was not pushed out too far, going out to 7 miles, instead of the several weeks long 5 miles. Sometimes, with huge outflows of fresh water coming out of the rivers, the blue water can be pushed out 15 miles or more. Plus, I was at Playa Blanca this morning and saw the inshore waters were fairly clean and not discolored from the runoff. This tells me we have a strong blue water current, able to cleanse things quickly.
On Thursday, John Lorenz' French client,  Aurelien Lagarrosseat Bahia de
Tortuga Fishing Lodge  in PuertoVicente Guerrero,  fished with captain
Rody for a nice sailfish
Offshore the boats should still average about 1 to 2 sailfish a day, with an occasional nice dorado thrown in.
Marv Armendinger with a nice rooster the day after the rains

inshore action has really picked up for roosters, and is probably the best bet for fishing here. Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, is about the only boat who fished every day during the rain. He finished yesterday with a client from Spain, who fished 10 days straight with him. Adolfo told me there are a lot of roosters, and actually outnumber the jack crevalle caught. Plus, he is getting dorado and sierras just a couple of hundreds off the beach.

  Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)
And a nice pargo also

Launching the Roosterfish Foundation

Shown above is the logo for the wallet sized laminated card for membership in the Roosterfish Foundation. Please contact me at edkunze@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a Founding Member. Founding Member status will be accepted until the end of December of this year. 


Cherry Pickin'

Enjoy The Sights
like visitors from new zealand

WALLPAPER: Hot Pot And Visiting Gawker.
.. During these last days of the summer doldrums we occasionally visit Yellowstone National Park for the wonders that other folks come to see.
.. We generally enter the park early, drive to a place where there will be a fish or two. Catch the fish and then tour. The neighbors call it ""Cherry Pickin'"
.. We all have our favorite spots. We gather up some snapshots. We enjoy the gawkers, the traffic jams, the stupid driving, the elbows from around the world, and the chaos that is summer in Yellowstone.
.. We get some ice cream at Old Faithful. Sometimes we wait the 90 minutes or so for the next eruption. We revel in the fact that we live where so many others want to visit.
.. When it's time to leave wonderland we stop on the way out for another fish or two and call it a day. Usually we get home in time for a late lunch - or - early dinner and visit a place where the visitors have abandoned. It's an occasional ritual that we indulge in a few times each summer. Crowds and elbows grow old very quickly. That's just us. 3,000,000+ folks seem to enjoy it every year.
.. Is it October yet?
Wallpaper: View from above Canyon Village.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sorry We Missed This


Date: August 19, 2013

National Park Service
U.S. Department of the Interior

Yellowstone National Park
P.O. Box 168
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

August 19, 2013 13-066

Al Nash or Dan Hottle
(307) 344-2015


Yellowstone Begins Native Fish Restoration in Grayling Creek

Yellowstone is taking another step forward this week in efforts to restore native westslope cutthroat trout and Arctic grayling in park waters.

Grayling Creek and its tributaries are located north of West Yellowstone in the Madison River drainage.

Decades ago, the streams were invaded by non-native brown and rainbow trout. Their presence has contributed to a decline in native cutthroat trout in park lakes, rivers and streams.

This week an interagency team of biologists will introduce a fish toxin into the streams to remove the non-native trout as part of Yellowstone's Native Fish Conservation Plan and Environmental Assessment, which was approved in May 2011. Only waters within Yellowstone National Park will be treated. The project will not impact downstream reaches.

While the chemical Rotenone will be introduced in small quantities, visitors are advised not to swim in or drink from the streams now through August 30. Warning signs will be posted at all treated areas.

This year's treatment is the first in a series that is expected to continue over the next two to three years. Treatments will be conducted until nonnative trout have been completely removed from the streams. The park will then reintroduce genetically pure native Arctic grayling and westslope cutthroat trout to the streams. The long term plan is not only to support native species restoration, but also for these streams to provide a brood stock population for future restoration efforts in the region.

More information on the park's Native Fish Conservation Plan can be found online at http://parkplanning.nps.gov/projectHome.cfm?projectID=30504.

- www.nps.gov/yell -



Monday, August 26, 2013

Green Up High

At Least By Us
probably worth the walk
It's not a real big lake. It has fish. It has scuds. It's worth the walk.
.. It takes just a bit of time and a bit of effort to reach Trout Lake in Yellowstone National Park. It's not far for most folks. We take it slow and get there by-'n'-by.
.. We've not been there in quite a few years. We took the walk over the weekend. We caught a fish or three.  May never get back there - our loss.
A Bit Of Trout Candy - Sort Of Like M&M's.
.. The grass is still green, (not yellow like in the river valleys.) The trout are active and eager. Fishers are well rewarded for their efforts. We suggest that you get there quickly. We also suggest that you fish early.
.. This is where you can hunt the trout. Little nymphs on long leaders, cast from a crouch or when lying down, to fish that can see you, is great fun.
.. Sometimes you'll catch a fish rather than scare the poop out of them. You can do this all day and into the evening. Come down the trail while it's still light out - there are bears.
.. There are surface feeding fish near the shore in the calm of early morning. Hoppers, beetles, moths,  butterflies, ants, and other sundry stuff plops into the water and fish will eat it. Sneaky is the word.
.. The fishers who visit the lake frequently cast way, way, way, out into the lake. They then wait and move the line only a little bit. There are scuds in the lake. Cruising fish eat scuds. The scuds are pregnant now: will be for a few more weeks. You may get lucky. You need patience.
Bridge is nicer than we remember.   In fact we don't remember a bridge.