Monday, November 19, 2012

The Joys Of Rain

Mud Deters Fancy SUV's
fish come up to see the show
.. Unlike the postcards depicting snow in Winter - OR - placid streams in Summer, our transition seasons are messy!
.. We've lost about 14" of snow to the rain over the last couple of days. It's not a driving rain. It's a drip and drizzle, on and off kind of rain. It's perfect for mud pies. And it also slows down the grouse.
.. There's not much to report. Snow has been forecast for today and the last few days. It's been sparse and wet. The visitors arriving here for "Ski Week" have brought their roller blades and their roller skis, (never knew there was such a thing.)
.. The  South Fork of the Madison River has become a regular coffee klatch of neighbors. We seem to have driven the wolves, elk, and elk hunters away from several roads and woods in the process.
Raffia-Backed Hare's Ear Nymph
.. The large, lake residing, sex crazed trout are still arriving in waves. The resident fish are in an agitated state. The water is colored. The fish are on the bite.
.. The conditions dictate the tactics. Resident fish are up high in the water column and holding tight to the bank. They are relatively less selective than a single man at closing time. They've been eating midge clusters, raffia-backed Hare's Ear nymphs, and "LEGGY" Royal Coachmen with foam wings. Other weirdness, (think caddis,) has also been reported.
.. The migrant submarines are a bit more recalcitrant during the gray and drippy parts of the day, (most of the time,) Those fish seem to be sleeping and need a nudge to bring some fight to the fore. Deep-dredged bright and colorful streamers are the ticket. "Hit 'em in the nose," is the preferred attack plan.
.. We'll hang in for another day or so. Then some rat killin' needs be done. Time now to fill the thermos with some coffee and amber liquid - it helps!
Do Trout Really Eat This Stuff - Only The Shadow Knows