Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It Needs It's Friends
friends save rivers
These Folks Released This Wild 20# Chetco Steelhead  -- Good On 'Em !!

.. Some fishers think that keeping a stream or river secret will protect it. Such a fantasy. The more friends a river has the better protected it will be. If no one knows about it then mining, de-watering, polluting, etc. go unnoticed and despoiling takes place.
.. The Chetco River has friends. It has good friends. It has good friends that care - not just about the fish - but the river itself and it's wonderful scenic, recreational, and primative beauty.
.. As far from home as the river is, we consider ourselves a friend. We suggest that you investigate this lovely river. The place to start is the SAVE OUR CHETCO RIVER website. Personal or public complacency is an exploiters best friend. End of pitch.
.. This may be the last wild western river where it's legal to keep a wild native fish. We don't advocate it, but it can be, and is done. Gear, flies, etc. the fish are superlative specimens of the breed. They deserve respect and admiration. That's why we visit.
..There is sun between the clouds and mud in the water. Bottom bouncers and plunkers have taken a few fish. Drizzle and real rain should keep us dancing for the next few days. Generally, high water signals a good time for bank fishing - but not with the amount of color the river has right now.
.. The upper reaches will clear first and we'll head up to see how the "ghost run" fish are doing.