Thursday, November 29, 2012

. . . But You Can't Hide

Big Flood ?
all in a day's work
.. So, it's supposed to be wet when you're chasing steelhead. It's supposed to be dreary and damp and dank and miserable. It's supposed to be thankless, tedious, exhausting, and frustrating. But, is it supposed to be dangerous?
.. Slick roads, trees down, flooded roads, and Sasquatch are thrown into the current mix. Not high adventure but it keeps one alert.
..Well, so it's been. But, at least it's a warm deluge and the snow level is staying at about the point where the upstream fish should be. Roads will be on the dampish side. Small creeks will be "out-of-bank." The Chetco river will be full of whitecaps and mud. Glad we're here to see it.
.. We're constantly checking the NOAA river watch sites. Try THIS LINK for current conditions and predictions. There is also a high surf warning. The kids are loving it. Maybe we should try it.
.. A day or two away from the fish is standard this time of year. It looks to be a little more than that. we'll see. Rumors abound about sea-run cutts in the harbor. Maybe tonight.
.. The crabbing has been good and the neighbors are going to burn a few. This is a rare pleasure and you can bet that we'll need some cold one's to get it all down.