Tuesday, October 23, 2012

End Of The Line

Welcome Fishy Days
bring your "A" game
.. It's finally hit! What would be called winter in much of our country is now fall in the high country. The neighbors are dancing with glee. Fishing is spectacular in the snow and rain and sleet and grappel and hail. We finally get to wear long pants again.
My What Big Eyes You Have.
.. Some very large streamers and other monstrosities are sprouting on the short, heavy tippets of the fly fishers around here.
.. There are some peculiar habits and attitudes that come to light when the fishers seek the submarines of Fall. One of the most peculiar is the need to tie half of a chicken to the end of the line and call it finesse.
"Cute" little fly.
.. Interestingly the same attitude is called forth when presenting itsey-bitsey flies to the same fish. Right now the fish are eating both extremes and everything in between.
.. We suspect that almost all fishers on the west side rivers in Yellowstone National Park believe, in their innermost being, that they are finessing the fish to hand - no matter what fly they have chosen. We'll let them have it.
.. As is usually the case for this time of year, the neighborhood kids are preparing their Halloween costumes. Most of the costumes are designed to fit comfortably underneath a snow suit. Fishers should take note.
.. There's just a couple weeks left for legal fishing in Yellowstone National Park. Make the most of it. There are surface bugs galore, there are nymphing opportunities everywhere, there are the famous runners of the Madison River, (and other places for those that know,) and there are sheltered roadside pull-outs for telling lies and warming fingers.
.. Grab a double handful of the high country Fall and wade right in. Displace as many fish as possible - it's the social thing to do. Bring a hip flask if you're driving a BMW. Bring a thermos of amber liquid if you're not. If you are serious about this circus you should bring at least an 18-pack per person. Some jerky and stale bread will distinguish the dedicated from the counter crawlers.
.. Remember to fish the shadows. Remember to fish the dark water. Remember to fish the shallows. Remember to fish the seams. Remember to fish the pillow and the cavity. Remember to fish the rocks and downfalls. As a matter of fact - fish it all, you may just stick a fish that hasn't been walked on.
The Gallatin River is low and the trout are in the dark water. Mostly!