Thursday, September 6, 2012

Forget Me Not

Great For Searching
pretty good bobber too


.. We will, on more than an occasional basis, tie on a Stimulator for our early Fall fishing.
.. We learned about this from one of the neighbors who fishes it year 'round. He ties them big for the Spring and calls them "STONIES." He ties them small and calls them "CADDIES." He ties them giant and calls them BOBBIES. Go figure!
.. Big fish are already sniffing the cooler waters in the estuaries of Hebgen Reservoir. Fishers in boats are are piling up among the braided weed beds of the upper ends of the various "arms" of the lake. It's an annual event. It's early. It's way too early. But, hope springs eternal.
.. The "NEIGHBORHOOD RIG" consists of a giant stimulator, (as big as #2, but usually a #4,) and a trailer 'de jour,' about  14" behind the bobber.
.. The current trailing fly of choice is an Olive Matuka, (with a Little Brown Trout in a close second place.)
.. In a couple of weeks, (maybe a month,) the trailing fly will become a standard local big fish streamer: Furnace and Red, Baker's Hole Bugger, Brindle & Hen, Pheasant and Blue, or, (our favorite,) Woolly Worm.
.. These are not the flies that the clerks at the feather merchant counter will sell you. Buy theirs and catch some fish. Tie your own and catch more.
.. Currently, those fishers that are still fishing in Yellowstone National Park are swinging soft hackles and doing a bang-up job on Nez Perce Creek. Beware of the bear!
.. There are some rumored monster fish in the confluence meadow in Biscuit Basin and up the Little Firehole River. The same rumor persists for the bigger meadow just downstream from the parking lot as well. These are wary fish and they require a bit of stealth. If you don't see noses a perfect cast to the grass covered, undercut bank should produce a tussle if your drift is very long and very perfect.
.. Hoppers are going crazy on the Madison River and beginning their annual dance along the Firehole River and the Gallatin River as well.
.. You can use your favorite hopper imitation of the appropriate size and color if you choose, - OR - surprise, a stimulator!