Thursday, September 13, 2012

Early Runners

Target Newbies
damn the soft hackles

.. Confirmed: a few big fish along the park line on the Madison River. If you're serious about the runners from Hebgen Reservoir use the big uglies and streamers.
.. It'll spook some of the resident fish - so what! We're after heads here. Can't wait? Do it now and be prepared to cast an awful lot. Be prepared to walk and drive a lot. Revisit holes after moving on.
.. Cover acres and acres of water. Use your wading staff. Probe every possible hiding place. Probe the improbable. Badger the feather merchants. Set up a cell phone network.
.. Look for clusters of cars near rivers. Smell the waders. Breath deeply the smoke filled air. Dodge the mobile condominiums on the roads. Dash down dusty byways. Get the early fish.
.. It's way too exhausting for us.