Saturday, September 8, 2012

Awesome, only a little awesomer.

The first time I saw a Nomad composite landing net (at the Carp Slam last year) I knew I would own one. I was standing next to MG when I spied that olive-drab-carbon-badassness from across the tent and channeled my inner Wayne Campbell, mumbling "she will be mine. Oh, yes. She will be mine." It only took a year.

So this year over at Trouts, when MG was all "Can I put the Nomad back now, please" I was all like, " Not today, my good man. I'm feeling saucy...." You know.

So now that the awesomeness is all mine I had to make it just a little more awesomer by adding a loop so I can clip it to my pontoon boat or pack, making sure the kickass remains mine.

Carbon weave? Check.
Tactical-like Olive Rubberized Paint? Check.
Rubber bag for keeping the fishes happy and your shit untangled? Check.
Lightweight like a boss? Check.

And now: Paracord braded loop in matching olive and black? Double Check, bro.

Gonna play with some LMB next week. I think them fishes be totally like "damn son, this shit is nice in here. You da man!"


-Alex who is still writing this signature style because k8 said she likes it. You still out there?