Monday, August 27, 2012

The Insect Florescence

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.. It's no large secret that right now there are bugs aplenty for the trout and the fly fisher to enjoy.
.. Whereas the earliest emergences of aquatic species are usually calculated by degree days for first appearance, those for terrestrial and arboreal species are generally subjected to the concepts of degree weeks or degree months.
.. Temperature and photoperiod bring on the bugs. We are now at, (or just a wee bit past,) the peak density of said bugs for our neighborhood. There is no time like the present to use "just any old fly" and have a good chance of poking a fish in the lip, (so to speak.)
.. As our neighbor Marybell has often said: "It takes not a trained observer to find out what bug to use, just check your car's grill." Thanks, gal.
.. Our upland meadows, transitional steppes, and vest-pocket grasslands are all lined with conifers, (Spruce Moths anyone?,) and other herbaceous plants of one sort or another. Where the myriad streams of Yellowstone National Park transect these environments, and their consequent edges, the diversity of fish fodder is immense.
.. It's all just another way of saying: pick your bug and pick your place, it's all good for now, (and a couple of more weeks.)
.. Just check the many merchant reports and fishing blogs for our region. The reports go something like this: "The __________, (pick your favorite stream or river,) is fishing well to _________, (pick your favorite aquatic bug,) and good activity with ____________, (pick your favorite terrestrial bug,) if neither works use _______________, (pick your favorite, nymph or streamer or attractor.)
.. This is not capricious reporting of what works. They all work. If anything it's capricious behavior of the fish with such a wonderful array of food to choose from.
.. So then; the Gallatin River, Soda Butte Creek, Lamar River, and Firehole River, (above the falls,) are all fishing well to small hoppers. It is useful to trail a mayfly cripple or nymph on these rivers. Green and Gray Drakes are being eaten by fish on the Lamar River and on Slough Creek, you can also stick a good fish with a streamer or Prince Nymph if you choose.
.. If you persist in your endeavors on the Yellowstone River, a small yellow hopper or very large caddis should reward you with a fish or two per hour, (if you cover a lot of ground and water.) Fishing the Yellowstone River is akin to playing 18 holes of golf: walk a lot - hit a few.
.. Fishing Between the Lakes is always a good place to practice short casts between your friend's legs. Watch your backcast; the fedora you land may belong to a prized celebrity. Most terrestrials, aquatics, and attractors are catching the best fedoras.
.. Gulper fishing is steady on Hebgen Reservoir. Conventional Callibaetis Cripples are doing the job. A big Parachute Adams will also work. Floating a very light colored Feather Duster is also successful. If you find the right weed bed a small leech or Woolly Bugger will gather in a fish.
.. When in doubt tie on an Elk Hair Caddis followed by a Bead Head Nymph of your own choosing.