Monday, August 6, 2012

Takin' Five

Neighborhood Feasting
rods running
.. On occasion, there are happenings that take precedents over fishing. So we participate.
.. This last weekend we were chided mercilessly for missing the morning bug frenzy on the Gallatin River, (mile post 29,) and the evening suicide flights of the fresh hoppers - same place.
However . . . .
.. We enjoy the benefits of a large Latino population in our village. One of them is the importation of fine Mexican food products. Peppers, sure: Maria's Cookies, Coconut Candy, Gamesa Sugar Wafers, etc.
.. Before we continue, the recipe below is one of the most useful ever devised - just make it up and try it - in everything!
One bag of dried peppers, (seeds, stems, skin and all!)
4 cloves, (or more,) garlic,
1/4 cup sugar,
1 Tablespoon salt,
2 Tablespoons milk,
1 (or 2,) Tablespoon cooking oil, (Olive oil - if you choose,)
White vinegar to make paste - add very slowly for desired consistency,
Throw it all in a blender - blend until really smooth. Refrigerate overnight for best taste and consistency.
Add bits of paste, (to taste,) to hamburgers, soups, salad dressings, mayonnaise for sandwiches, stews, fresh salsa, tartar sauce, etc. YUM  - YUM
.. As close as we got to fishing was the observation of gear in the village. The owners were, as we were, enjoying the cruising Street Rods, Hot Rods, and Custom cars at the 42nd annual West Yellowstone Rod Run.
.. Of course several neighborhood feasts were happening and we had to visit them all since we could not show favoritism to any of the neighbors.
.. Even some of the neighborhood fishing fanatics cut short their marathon catching, (the Gallatin River is hopping right now,) and used the excuse that their arms were sore from catching so many fish.
.. There are 16" fish in Bacon Rind Creek, There are 14" fish in Specimen Creek, There are 20" fish at the park line near Snowflake Springs, - AND - the Taylor Fork is running cold and clear.
.. Now is the time for your favorite hopper-dropper combination. Float 'em both, sink 'em both, float one and sink the other - it's all good.
.. The apparent most successful combination, (we weren't there,) reported by the catchers of note, was a high floating hopper, (size 6 - 10,) followed by a drowned Stiff Hackle, (size 10 - 14.)
.. We caught a few of the neighbors at the park and around town and snapped some photos of the cars. It was just a wee bit too hot for our taste but the doin's was worth it.