Friday, August 3, 2012

Some Cold Water



.. The mid summer warm has forced the neighbors north. Into the elbow-ridden Gallatin River valley they have fled. The cold water and the early hopper hatch has made the social aspects of crowded fishing worthwhile. The catching continues to improve by the day.
.. Spruce moths are also available. Not quite as thick as last year - yet.
.. The standard assortment of trout fodder is currently gracing the valley in Yellowstone National Park.
.. Some PMD's in mid morning, followed by caddis. Hoppers are busy drowning as soon as they get some sun, ants have been seen doing the back stroke around Black Butte, and beetles are all over the ground.
.. Flies that work are simple and effective right now: San Juan worm, Yellowstone Sallies, small Rubber Legs, small Spruce Flies in the undercuts, and Hare's Ears nymphs, (with or without bead heads or gold ribs.) It's a good time to fish - just do it.
.. Remember - PLEASE !! - the bears are still in the valley. Carry bear spray, sing ribald songs, and fish with a partner.
.. Our little village is suffering the standard busy weekend full house syndrome. Current events make walking, parking, shopping, and just plain being a chore. The Rodeo is drawing crowds at a record pace, the 42 annual Rod Run is in town, the Smoking Waters Rendezvous and living history event is camped out here, and visitors are arriving in record numbers. Visiting fishers are having a hard time finding a place to stay, and the motels are loving it.