Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time To Fish? Time To Catch!

Learn To Saunter
explore some tributaries
Stiff Hackle
.. It's about time for the Firehole River to enter it's "TOOHOTTOFISH" phase.
.. We take this opportunity to remind you that the fish are still in the water. They don't plunk down under a tree and wait out the mid-day heat in the shade.
.. They find the shade under the banks. They move around with the sun and shade and the temperature. They find the spring holes in the river. They know where the cooler tributaries are, (or they soon learn.)
Little Mite
.. Morning is a perfect time to tickle a fish or two.
.. Grandma would always say: "Fish where the fish are." Wise woman, eh? For the time being most action will be subsurface and with the ever-present soft hackle, (or stiff hackle.)
.. The neighbors are now using a bit of nothing called "The Little Mite," or another silly creation called "The Little Wing." (LINK)

.. Of course they are fishing Nez Perce Creek, Iron Spring Creek, and the Little Firehole River.
Little Wing
.. Some have even headed up to the Gallatin River despite sage advice to the contrary from seasonal clerks at the feather merchants' counters.
.. Just so you know: some of the second molt hoppers are turning colors and there are reports of a few with wings near Black Butte, (some near Indian Creek too.)
..So, spend some time with your terrestrial fly box. Quickly now, get the hottest new imitations from your favorite retailer.
.. Gather up the Stupifindeously Majesticas imitations and you can give your colleagues fits. After all, the clerk said that they were the latest thing.
.. OR: big ratty caddis imitations, a few foam beetles, and some ants should do the trick.
.. We're still using the fly we got from a visitor from Hawaii. He called it "The Crinkled Leg Ant." It's a bit on the small side for our eyes - but it works.
.. Surprisingly, against all sane and rational fishing behavior we still enjoy the sights and sounds of Yellowstone National Park.
.. We pause frequently and take side trips to view the geyser basins, lush meadows, secluded tributaries, and other places in the park. Sometimes we do it without a rod or camera. But never without bear spray!
.. Enjoy the sights!