Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Psyched Out

They'll Be Back
multiple hatches abound
.. It's a bit early to talk about the mainstay of our fishing bugs - but everything is early this year. The caddis are on the water now: in droves, (or flocks, or herds, or flights, or whatever the collective noun form is.)
.. Use your Latin, (whateverpschye sp.) if you must. The brown ones, the gray ones, the big ones, the little ones, the other ones, are all here. Drag out the Summer fly box and have at it.
.. The Madison River is wonderfully devoid of fisher folk and just "Chucky-Jammed-Full" of caddis. Some are even hatching before noon.
.. The sun is out. The thunder storms punctuate the day. The neighbors are heading to the "secret" spots.
.. Duck Creek has been found - again! The Unmentionable Fork is even being graced with kids.
.. Get here now. Everybody else is already here. Your type of fishing is available. There are even easy targets in the big and little meadows of the Gibbon River. Brave souls have sent us a report that Grayling are begging to be caught in Grebe Lake - mud and bears be damned!
.. Don't say you heard it here - but - use your favorite stonefly nymph on the Firehole River below the falls. Use some Yellowstone Sally flies on the Gibbon River below the falls. You may get a "Change-Your-Underwear-Moment."
.. Hell's Bell's, fish are even being taken on size 8 Royal Wulff flies. Don't miss out on the fun. Come and enjoy the gawker blocks, bear jams, and the social hour before the hatch on the Firehole River. It's all good. It won't last!