Friday, June 8, 2012


The Perfect Weekend
the absolutely perfect place

.. Every year of the fisher's existence there occurs an exceptional fishing experience. We are always prepared for it - BUT - our preparations have little influence on weather, bug-rise, water temperature, water condition, parking, access, and elbows.
.. Starting now we predict that the conditions are right for  an exceptional fishing experience. Mind you; elbows, parking, and access depend on your arrival time.
- Madison River,
-- Flow = 200 cfs below seasonal average, cold, clear, fish everywhere, white miller caddis, BWO's, PMD's, Big and little stoneflies, red ants, black beetles, brown beetles, and, (not too surprisingly in this early year,) first molt grasshopper nymphs.
- Gibbon River,
-- Flow = at or below seasonal average, warmer than expected, (thank Poseidon,) fish healthy and active, caddis, many small stoneflies, a few large stoneflies below the falls, big meadows fishing perfectly, upper reaches and small meadows on fire, a few ants, any small nymph works, walk a bit and entertain many fish.
- Grebe Lake,
-- Avoid nesting birds, don't be put off by mud or bears, or scare stories of no fishing access, the little canyon below the lakes is full of surprisingly large fish, bushwhack a bit and be amply rewarded. Any fly properly presented takes fish.
- Hebgen Lake,
--  Absolutely as full as it can get, discharge = inflow, weeds keeping up with water depth, leeches around the edge of weed beds, gulpers on still mornings, more than just calibaetis hatching in coves and minor estuary's, take broad spectrum, (A & B,) SPF 30 or better.
- Firehole River,
-- Flow below seasonal average, temperature back to where it should be, famous assortment of bugs now hitting their stride, morning = good, afternoon = spectacular, (especially after the thunderstorms,) Baetis, etc., etc., etc., Buy the latest and greatest from the local fly shops or use the right size and present it properly.
- Nez Perce Creek,
-- Be bear aware, water clear, cold and absolutely beautiful, textbook conditions, nice fish come willingly to the fly - above or below the surface, sneak 'em!
- Duck Creek,
-- Read the regulations, be bear aware, fish with an armed guard (Cutter's, SPF 30, Triple-sized magnum bear spray,) sing and shout as loud as you can, take turns catching and watching.
- Grayling Creek,
-- Flows slowing, (until next rain,) friendly little fish at all our favorite culverts and cut banks. No anxiety fishing, simple flies, be sneaky and stealthy, play hopscotch from parking area to parking area, go slow by the new bridge.
- Bacon Rind Creek,
-- Flows slowing, spawners retreating from riffle and run section below the willow meadows, resident fish in the meadows taking all attractors ever invented, dapping works wonders, treat them gently, leave after the fifty-first fish.
-- Temperature = ameliorating, elbows = few to none, bears = many and frequent, fish = all the big ones that will be in the confluence meadows next month are here, sneak and use ground fodder.
- Unmentionable Fork,
-- If you know it - - You know it!
- Gallatin River,
-- Water = perfect and cold, meadow at fan creek = sparse, Fan Creek = bears and beavers before the second meadow is encountered, confluence with Specimen Creek = likely spot, north boundary runs = very good and devoid of fishers.