Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Perfection

The Fish Don't Care
the trees are loving it

.. The perfect storm continues. The rivers have risen a bit. The waters have cooled a bit. The catching is hotter than the weather.
.. The nitrogen-rich white precipitation is a boon to the trees and other green growing things in Yellowstone National Park.
.. It's slowed the visitation rate to a trickle. The neighbors are back to the abandoned honey holes on the Firehole River.
.. The short-term forecast calls for a bit more perfection in the upcoming week and we anticipate some vacancies in the workforce as our standard wet June continues.
.. The little bugs that fishers and fish love so dearly are on the water and providing just the punch needed for success in the surface fishing department.
.. Right now may just be the time to exercise your floating nymph skills. Or it may be time to develop the film nymph drift. Or it may be time to sink a couple and see just how many fish it takes to exhaust your reel hand. Whatever the case may be it's surely time to be on the water.
.. We're getting a late start - sigh, the exigencies of neighborhood duties and such.