Monday, June 4, 2012

High 'n' Hot

Avoid Hot Water
wise fishers know the tribs

.. Just like a virgin bridegroom the Firehole River temperature curve is early this year. Current mid-day temps are hovering in the high 60's and a 70+ is possible at any time.
.. Although there have been little bugs on the surface during the cloudy days they have been sporadic and widely dispersed. The caddis on the other hand have been everywhere but not too thick yet.
.. The few neighbors that bother to brave the social disaster that reigns along the river have reported that the bigger fish have already retreated to deep and dark water. There are also pods of fish near the mouth of various tributaries and seep springs. Should you decide to enter the fray and rub elbows with the devout; pick your water and time carefully.
.. The big water of Nez Perce Creek has already started to drop from the weekend showers and is holding some good fish. Even the skinny water around the picnic area has eager fish and lots of friendly park visitors.
.. We've been threatened with heinous acts of violence if we divulge the current fishy spots on the Madison River. We can say, however, that the waters around the park boundary have local pickumups nearby.
.. Soft hackle flies are the ticket for any west-side river right now. The energetic penitents, on the other hand, are sure to find a few fish taking on the surface. Have at it if you like - a small flymph with heavy flotant will do as well as the arcane and mysterious latest creations and the commercial  offerings.
.. Small, (down to size 16 - 18,) caddis are nearly everywhere on both the Madison River and the Firehole River. Some are a dark dusky gray, (almost black,) others are tan and light gray. A double-slipper will bring more fish to hand than a single small bit of fluff.
.. If you haven't had the pleasure of "HIGH SEASON" on the Firehole River, you should be here now, (and for the next couple of weeks.) It's way better than Disney World. And, be sure to bring your PMD & BWO collection: show and tell is a great way to spend the mid-day doldrums.