Friday, June 1, 2012

Go Big or Go Home

Monster Flies Taking Monster Fish
pick your poison

.. A few of the neighbors, (in a desperate attempt to find casting room,) have abandoned the Firehole River and moved to the Madison River. They have been rewarded!
.. Rumors of surface action are as sparse as the hatches are - but - LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. There are a few places where the BWO's are on top and there definitely are some small caddis during sunny periods in the early evening.
.. The big flies, on the other hand, are the ticket right now. Deep riffles, convergent currents below islands, and undercut banks are full of larger fish. They are stacked in these locations and gobbling large, subsurface offerings like naked men in Florida.
.. The bear closure signs have been removed from Nez Perce Creek. Read the regulations. Walk the banks, fish safe. Carry bear spray and catch a few fish - 300 to 400 yards upstream from the road.
.. If you don't mind the crowds join the fun on the Firehole River before it gets too hot and low. It's already hit 70°F once this year and is currently running at about 61°F. The conventional wisdom says that the current hatches are a couple of weeks early. Might be: but there they are!