Sunday, June 17, 2012


But Not Too High
fishers sleeping in
.. The annual run off in Yellowstone National Park has been a smidgen gentle this Spring. On the other hand, for a change, the Firehole River, (after an early scare,) has enjoyed cooling melt water and has maintained a bank-full puddle so far.
.. There have been the standard batch of hatches; some fairly dense. So, what's the point? There has been a consistently dense spinner fall. And, it seems that, for the fly folks,  the early morning is better suited to a second third cup of coffee rather than the catching of fish. So be it. Get on the water by 11:00 AM and enjoy the congenial gatherings of tour buses, other fishers, elk lovers, bison lovers, tree gawkers, and various sundry other visiting mobs in Yellowstone.
.. Or, hit the water at first light, catch a couple of dozen fish by 8:00 AM, have a monster brunch, a brief nap, and return to the water by 1:30 PM to enjoy the salubrious weather and gentle road traffic. Your choice.
.. The Madison River is enjoying consistent salmonfly action. This, coupled with a bit of streamer fishing, and the highly successful soft hackle swinging is drawing the neighbors to the holes of old. Not too much visitation, yet, from the pink and yellow shirt crowd.
.. We sauntered north over the weekend. Obsidian Creek and Indian Creek are high and clear. Fish right by the bridge at the Indian Creek Campground. Catch as many Brook Trout as you care to.
.. The Gibbon River in the big meadows is at bank, and has picked up just a hint of color,) - and the bank is just plain pudding.
.. If you choose to fish here be careful on two counts: 1) soggy soil transmits vibrations very well, 2) be sure you know where the edge is. Small streamers will do the trick. A double drowned caddis will also work.
.. Down canyon on the Gibbon River you will have to look for protected water, and gentle feeding lanes. There is a bit more color, the discharge is up, and the fish are being very picky about where they are hanging out. On the other hand they are not picky at all about what they are eating.