Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are You Set ??

Temps Down - Flows Up
trees and trouts happy

.. So now, have you got your long johns back out of the mothballs?
.. The neighbors explain to visitors that this is the time of year when we get: "Summer by the day, Spring by the hour, and Winter in between."
.. Fishers looking to the Firehole River for Saturday's opener will note that the water temperature, (which had been hovering in the high 60's,) is now in the low 50's. The discharge rates are, however, a bit above seasonal average.
.. When you get to town check with one of the local fly shops for the very latest in weather and water conditions. They are easy to find, just follow the map below.
1. Blue Ribbon Flies
2. Madison River Outfitters
3. Bud Lilly's Fly Shop
4. Arrick's Fly Shop
5. Eagle's Fly Shop
6. Bob Jacklin's Fly Shop
7. West Yellowstone Fly shop
.. You can also check their fishing reports for the best current information by clicking on the links below:
==> Blue Ribbon Flies
==> Madison River Outfitters
==> Bud Lilly's Fly Shop
==> Arrick's Fly Shop
==> Eagle's Fly Shop
==> Bob Jacklin's Fly Shop
==> West Yellowstone Fly Shop
 .. These folks are fishing daily and know the neighborhood waters very well. If you are going to fish other than the west side rivers check the report at Parks' Fly Shop.
.. One thing we know for sure: Summer, Spring, and Winter will make their appearance during the next 72 hours. P.S. The Gibbon River Gage is working.