Monday, May 21, 2012

Are You Ready?

Bring Your "A" Game
bring it all
.. Mom has a special greeting planned for opening day for fishing in Yellowstone National Park = special fly fishing weather.
.. There are all the bugs you need on the water. There are all the bugs you need in the water. There are all the bugs you need at every local feather emporium. Bring it all.
.. The early warm-up and salubrious weather has spent our snow pack and the rivers have run off - so to speak.
.. The Madison River is a bit off color and a bit below seasonal average discharge rates. It's going to yield some fish on the opener.
.. The Firehole River is just a smidgen above seasonal discharge average and will be the place to gather and swap ring tones. It's already hit 70° F this year and is running at about 65° F today. There's even ants and other terrestrials around in the meadows.
.. The Gibbon River is it's usual self and pretty as a picture. Discharge rates have already slowed down and the temperatures are in the catch some fish range = 56° - 60° F.
.. Nez Perce Creek has some bears. Read the regulations and the signs. Explain the rules to the bears.
.. Should you choose to ignore the local feather merchant wisdom you could find yourself alone and knee deep in eager fish on the Gallatin River.
.. If you need advice on the "right" fly or just exactly where to fish you should click on a link to the fly shop temple of your choice in the sidebar. They will provide you with the best conventional wisdom available.
.. Visitation is already on the upswing and gawker blocks are commonplace - sigh!