Monday, April 23, 2012


Ice Disappearing Rapidly
fish are ravenous
.. 70° F is a bit warm for this time of year; just ask the fish. They've gone nuts. The ice on Hebgen Lake is about to vanish along with the "EDGE-OF-ICE" fishing opportunities.
.. The fish are so confused by the rapidly vanishing ice that they are eating anything and everything in the water that fits in their mouth. This won't last long.
.. Between the Lakes is the current favorite destination for 'combat fishing.' Bring your elbow pads and protective goggles. With any luck at all you'll be able to add several new license plates to your Spring sightings.
.. If you have some new and obnoxious ring-tones for your cell phone bring them too: they are useful trading material. They may even get you some casting room.
.. If you are an Android user you can track bears with the "WHERE'S A BEAR" app. Try it - you'll like the crowds.
.. The Boat Ramp at the head of Quake Lake is producing so many fish that even the garden hackle fishers have abandoned it in favor of a more sporting proposition. They've moved to the outlet of Quake Lake where they have time for a sip of beer between fish.
.. Lawn chairs and tank tops were the fashion yesterday at the lake. It promises to be the same today too.
.. Some of the neighbors will be chasing the edge of the ice today with canoes, drift boats, kayaks, tin boats, aluminum boats, and other floating devices. There's no word about float tubes - we wouldn't put it past some of them.
.. The whole Madison Arm is clear of ice. Sled-head-fishers report that the South Fork Arm is well into the lake.
.. The bison, giving birth, on Horse Butte are even thinking of becoming omnivores right now. The swamps and willow brambles at the point are being trampled into an interchange of fishing trails. To say there is a frenzy would be to understate situation.
.. Offerings to the fish include anything in the box. Float it, Sink it, Strip it, Splash it, or present it in any novel way that you can think of - the fish will eat it. Don't let them see your fly box - they've been known to leave the lake and devour them whole - right out of your hand.
.. Get here yesterday. Bring the whole family, (everyone else is,) and enjoy a few days of silly-stupid catching. Hell, I even caught some.