Thursday, March 29, 2012

Z Fish Report (3/29/12)

Michelle Clementi  

Steve Hope of Minn. went 75 miles
with Santiago on the Super panga
Gitana for 13 tuna from 30 to 65# 

The blue water is just off the beach, and holding lots of game fish. But with the cooler water temperatures, they slash at the trolled baits and then leave. This is probably due to the cooler water current brings cooler water loving bait species: namely squid. The fish are feeding down below, come back up to the surface to warm up a little, and instinct takes over when a well presented trolled bait comes past. They are attacking the baits, but not eating them.

One notable catch was Michelle Clementi of Ocean City, Maryland with Francisco on the super panga Huntress. She released an estimated 450 pound blue marlin and keeping a very nice bull dorado for dinner at Lety's.

Jorge Alvarez, with his son Jorge Antonio and wife Teri of Vista, California made the long run to Puerto Vicente Guerrero in his 26 foot Glacier. They didn’t catch any fish, but stayed in the small fishing village and checked it all out before heading back to Ixtapa.

The main action has been the light line and fly rod inshore fishing. The cooler water has brought in the good eating sierras in abundant quantities, there are lots of jack crevalle, and tonnage of black skipjack, and chulas (a light meat and good eating tuna with teeth).

Harvey Hayter of Westbank, BC while fishing with Santiago
and Francisco on the Gitana 2 weeks ago

The Roger Myer family of Troncones fished with Mecate on the Aqua Azul, and almost got worn out fighting fish. They got 40 fish of 5 different species. Rob and Sheri Griffin, of Corvallis Oregon, fished with Mecate the next day, and did a repeat.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

Lisa Augustin of Kelowna, BC