Friday, March 16, 2012

We're Loving It

HUZZAH !!! - The Big Melt
gotta go now

.. The streets are really and truly paved in West Yellowstone, Montana. For just over four months a 10" - 14" snow pack has been maintained on our streets. It has been groomed and manicured by our dedicated town road crews. This facilitates travel through the village by snow machines.
.. When the bottom falls out & the slush becomes an obstacle course of frozen tank-traps at night, the city crews spend 18-hour days removing the tons of melting snow to keep the roads safe. Those folks now have the majority of the streets down to the pavement - bless 'em all!
.. Rumors have just hit our ears of sizable and gallant  fighting trout in the heavily pounded stretch of water between the lakes. We're about to don our elbow pads and wade into the silliness. The rumors demanded our attention especially since they contained a cherished bit of wisdom: "FISH NYMPHS!!"  We'll let you know.