Friday, March 30, 2012


On the Urban South Platte:

Police: Injured cyclist not the victim of a 'booby trap'

DENVER - A cyclist - originally believed to have been involved in a clothesline accident described as a "booby trap" by EMTs - is now believed to have been the victim of a simple accident involving a fly fisherman.
"Due to the size of the fish, the reporting party had to walk down the hill to obtain his fish. As he was walking down the dirt hill and attempting to tighten his fish line, the bicyclist came down the bike path. The bicyclist's helmet grazed the fish line at that time, and the bicyclist removed his hand from the handlebars swatting the fish line. At that point, the reporting party believes he lost control, and that's when the victim fell off his bike," Raquel Lopez with the Denver Police Department said.

Coming soon to your local fly shop:

-Alex the Insensitive.