Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Of Snowballs and Trout

Heavy - Wet - Warm - Sticky
make some snowballs
Sodium lights from many of the businesses
give the town an eerie glow at midnight.
.. Our snow is usually of the powder variety. It's highly prized by skiers, sledheads, and other adults of the mature variety. The neighborhood kids aren't much impressed most of the time.
.. Last night the kids got their snow. It was, (and is,) perfect for snowballs and snowmen.
.. As our Springtime inches closer, the snow becomes more to the liking of the kids and the informed fishers. It's moisture content is higher. It's heavy. It packs tight. It lasts through the upcoming rains of Spring. And, though they don't know it, the trout like it too.
.. The storm dropped only about eight inches here. It was widely scattered around the region. But it's a blessing and appreciated by all. The nighttime was cool: -15° F. This is even better for the snowballs and the fish. Amen.