Friday, March 9, 2012

Of Fishers & Photographers

The G.A.S. Attack
just do it
by Marco Adamczewski
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..  It's called Gear Acquisition Syndrome. We all have it to a greater or lessor extent.
.. Fly fishers and photographers seem to be constantly coveting the latest, or oldest, or greatest, or shiniest, or heaviest, or lightest, or spiffiest, or what-ever-est gadget.
.. We just saw an interesting note from Blood Knot, (thanks Tom,) about preserving things and a wonderfully snide bit of humor = "89% of U.S. Anglers Can't Afford Fly Fishing Gear." My, my!
.. The image above was taken with a camera that uses no batteries, requires film, demands waiting for the film to be processed, probably cost in the neighborhood of $30.00, and hasn't been produced since 1984.
.. The image has very little to do with the camera - it's about the vision. That image speaks volumes without saying a word. It tells a tale. It engages the eye and conjures up feelings in our experience. We like it very much, indeed.
Leica's in Yellowstone.
.. Please don't be deceived, we certainly do enjoy our Leica's and Ed Payne bamboo rods - sure do! But we enjoy taking pictures and fishing more.
.. We're not an expert at either endeavor by a long shot. We are, however, entertained and engulfed by both.
.. Being a fly fishing "Duffer" is probably akin to being a "Snap-Shooter." The implication is that there is something wrong with not being a professional or an expert. Truth be told - most of us are neither experts or professionals.
.. We, now, speaking from both experience and criticism, in fact, certainly are not.
Payne in motel in Oregon.
.. And that's the rub. Many of us, while seeking to avoid snapshooting, or dufferdom, retreat to G.A.S. How human.
.. We retreat from the task at hand. We avoid mastering the tools at hand. We retreat to the conceit that better tools make better craftsmen! 'Taint so.
.. From many years of experience, and several G.A.S attacks we, ourselves, have discovered that the gear never made us any better.
.. Just watch and see how pretty our tailing loop becomes when tossed with a $900.00 fly rod - the wind knots are so much more symmetrical!
.. Just admire the blown highlights from our $4,568.00 digital masterpiece - the empty spaces are interesting!
.. There's a lesson here somewhere. Perhaps it's the doing rather than the being that satisfies.
Olympus Trip 35 and a fine book about doing.