Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Native Fish Get Boost

$1,000,000 = $2,000,000
Grant Matched By NPS
just a start
..The Yellowstone Park NATIVE FISH CONSERVATION PROGRAM has been given a boost by the finalization of the $1,000,000 grant from the Yellowstone Park Foundation.
.. Last December we noted that Yellowstone Park was embarking on a comprehensive program to protect and preserve native fish stocks. That program is now underway with the infusion of funds and the implementation of the plan.
.. The recognition that the native fish and their abundance and distribution and behavior constitute a vital link in the ecology of the park has led to this action. As a food source for grizzly bears, birds, coyotes, otters, and other animals the native species are vital to the health of the ecosystem.
.. This effort is designed to address all aspects of the concerns about the dwindling populations of native fish and will guide management for the next two decades and beyond.
.. A major concern, of course, is the impact of Lake Trout on the native cutthroat population. Efforts to ameliorate this impact will include stepped-up gill netting efforts, research, and plans to create a resiliency in the native fish population.
.. It will probably take six years to accomplish the major goals of the project. During this time future strategies and management plans will also be developed to insure that the native fish population can be successfully managed in the face of:
** Predation by non-native fish such as Lake Trout and Brown Trout,
** Hybridization with non native Rainbow Trout,
** Drought, climate change and fishing pressure.
.. The top priority of this action is to decrease the number of Lake Trout in Yellowstone Lake.
.. Additionally the project aims to:
+ Restore Yellowstone cutthroat trout to waters within the northern portion of the park;
+ Develop a westslope cutthroat trout brood source;
+ Continue long-term restoration efforts of westslope cutthroat trout; and
+ Begin to restore Arctic grayling within the Gallatin and Madison drainages.
.. Information Resources:
-- Yellowstone Park Foundation Announcement,
-- Yellowstone Park Information Document (PDF),
-- FONSI Native Fish Conservation Plan (PDF),
-- Native Fish Conservation Plan EA (PDF),
-- Native Fish Conservation Plan EA;  Chapters 1-5 (PDF),
-- Native Fish Conservation Plan EA; Appendices A-F (PDF),
-- Native Fish Conservation Plan EA; Appendix G (PDF).