Monday, March 19, 2012

Just The Thing

On Top Of Slush
on top of rotten snow
.. Mom is doing her best to slide gently into Spring. We are treated to heavy wet snow, rain, sleet, sun, thunder, warm and cold temperatures - sometimes all in the same hour. Just the way it always is.
.. Visitors, (very few, now that Yellowstone National Park is closed,) comment on the variety of weather in the most colorful of verbiage. The neighbors smile, shake their heads, and wonder how it is that lowlanders think that water gets into rivers.
.. Took a quick jaunt down to _____ Creek. It's a scrumptious sight for eyes too long glazed by frozen water. It's being fished at it's estuary and lo, the fish managed to survive the winter once again. We watched. laughed, kibitzed, cajoled, and encouraged the kids that did us a turn and took us along.
.. The capricious Springtime mix of precipitation is being called for during the next couple of weeks. It's a good thing: keeps the idiots gentry down low. We'll be there soon to see how it's done. Rumor is; that the Missouri River is getting hot early. The pre-runoff season is upon us.
.. More to come from the lowlands.