Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pour la PĂȘche Du Jour

For All Open Water
swift or still

.. The neighbors are smarter than we are. They are also way smarter than the trout in our neighborhood. They are even a wee tad more intelligent than the itinerant guides and feather merchants that will soon show up for their share of the pie, (just a few weeks from now.)
.. As we speak read write this, the catchers of fish are using one fly; to the near-exclusion of all others.
.. It's a simple fly. It's easy to tie. It has no fancy name. It's not in any catalog. AND, it's catching fish in all the open water around the neighborhood.
.. You won't see it in any fly shops: it uses no exotic bits of fluff, it is a standard nymph form, it is not "innovative," it's not designed to catch fishers, and it is very pedestrian in appearance - bless it's metallic soul.
.. Unless you see it here, you will never know about this fly. There is no drum and bugle corps touting it as the wonder of the moment. There are no high priced celebrities endorsing it as a miracle of invention for the exotic fish of the exotic waters nearby.
.. It is tied in just about all sizes. The larger ones are cast with ultralight spinning rigs and 4# test line. [[40' of fresh 4# test mono is an exceptionally good shock absorber.]]
.. The little ones are chucked to the edge of the ice and pulled into the water and sink slowly to the gaping maws of submerged trout.
.. The others are greased and floated like a dry fly. Some are fished just like a nymph ought to be fished. Such a delightful bit of fish foolery.
.. Right now, in the runs, and riffles, and pools, and glides, and cavitation sinks, between the lakes on the Madison River it is a "KILLER FLY."
.. In the legal bits of the extended tongues of various estuarine waters poking into Hebgen Lake, it is a "MURDEROUS FLY."
.. At both the inlet and outlet of Earthquake Lake it is a "DEVASTATING FLY."  It is even in competition with the garden hackle for take rates. Now that's an endorsement for ya'.

Friday, March 30, 2012


On the Urban South Platte:

Police: Injured cyclist not the victim of a 'booby trap'

DENVER - A cyclist - originally believed to have been involved in a clothesline accident described as a "booby trap" by EMTs - is now believed to have been the victim of a simple accident involving a fly fisherman.
"Due to the size of the fish, the reporting party had to walk down the hill to obtain his fish. As he was walking down the dirt hill and attempting to tighten his fish line, the bicyclist came down the bike path. The bicyclist's helmet grazed the fish line at that time, and the bicyclist removed his hand from the handlebars swatting the fish line. At that point, the reporting party believes he lost control, and that's when the victim fell off his bike," Raquel Lopez with the Denver Police Department said.

Coming soon to your local fly shop:

-Alex the Insensitive.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Z Fish Report (3/29/12)

Michelle Clementi  

Steve Hope of Minn. went 75 miles
with Santiago on the Super panga
Gitana for 13 tuna from 30 to 65# 

The blue water is just off the beach, and holding lots of game fish. But with the cooler water temperatures, they slash at the trolled baits and then leave. This is probably due to the cooler water current brings cooler water loving bait species: namely squid. The fish are feeding down below, come back up to the surface to warm up a little, and instinct takes over when a well presented trolled bait comes past. They are attacking the baits, but not eating them.

One notable catch was Michelle Clementi of Ocean City, Maryland with Francisco on the super panga Huntress. She released an estimated 450 pound blue marlin and keeping a very nice bull dorado for dinner at Lety's.

Jorge Alvarez, with his son Jorge Antonio and wife Teri of Vista, California made the long run to Puerto Vicente Guerrero in his 26 foot Glacier. They didn’t catch any fish, but stayed in the small fishing village and checked it all out before heading back to Ixtapa.

The main action has been the light line and fly rod inshore fishing. The cooler water has brought in the good eating sierras in abundant quantities, there are lots of jack crevalle, and tonnage of black skipjack, and chulas (a light meat and good eating tuna with teeth).

Harvey Hayter of Westbank, BC while fishing with Santiago
and Francisco on the Gitana 2 weeks ago

The Roger Myer family of Troncones fished with Mecate on the Aqua Azul, and almost got worn out fighting fish. They got 40 fish of 5 different species. Rob and Sheri Griffin, of Corvallis Oregon, fished with Mecate the next day, and did a repeat.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

Lisa Augustin of Kelowna, BC

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Touch Of Spring

Bicycles On Roads
angling fees raised

.. The Public Affairs Office at Yellowstone National Park has been more active, lately, than usual. That's a sure sign that they're waking up along with the bears.
.. The following news releases and information sources may be germane to your early Spring visitation.

1] Bears are awake, hungry, and dangerous, LINK,
2] Seasonal bear closures, LINK,
3] Bicycle travel prior to motorized travel, LINK,
4] Angling fees raised, LINK,
5] General Information page, LINK,
6] Child porn case prosecuted, LINK,
7] Yellowstone tweets, LINK,
8]  News releases, LINK,
9] Current road conditions, LINK.
..  Since the instigation of a fee structure for fishing in 1993, charges for fishing in Yellowstone National Park have continually escalated to keep pace with inflation and caprice as time has passed.
.. The current $5.00 increase is justified as a way to raise additional funds to ". . . help enhance the park's fisheries management program and to begin implementing conservation actions that were outlined in the 2011 Native Fish Conservation Plan."
.. We support the Native Fish Conservation Plan; but, taxing only fisher folk is a terribly inefficient way to raise a bit of cash. How much money will be raised by the $5.00 increase, ($200,000/year?)
.. If the thrust of the plan is ". . . primarily focused on the recovery of the Yellowstone Lake Ecosystem through the restoration of the native Yellowstone cutthroat trout."  then, the burden of ecosystem management should be shared by all visitors.
.. A simple $1.00 tax, (call it surcharge if you like,) on entrance fees, for the duration of the project, would raise a lot more cash and spread the burden to all visitors who enjoy the Yellowstone Lake Ecosystem. How much money would be raised by this method of taxation, ($1,000,000/year - $2,000,000/year?)
.. How about a boating tax? Back country tax? Sales tax increase for the duration of the project? Concessionaire levy? Donation boxes? Just who does benefit from the Yellowstone Lake Ecosystem?
.. We doubt that fishing permit fees will be reduced when the project is completed: what a silly thought! Such duplicity is a standard bit of linguistic legerdemain that is used when justifying  actions detrimental to one group and to the advantage of another group. Such is life!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Read the back story HERE.
Legal reaction HERE.

Enthusiastic corruption of the public good.

Mr. Smythe of had a couple video machines in Michigan. On these video machines, he took some videos, then passed the files along to Mr. Dunn and myself to put together our own edits.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the goodness.

Word to your Marquette from AlexLandeen on Vimeo.

CRAZY IVAN from fishbeer on Vimeo.

Dunn. Landeen. Smythe. Looking for fish. from fishingpoet on Vimeo.

-Alex who is pretty sure that this level of videographic awesomeness has ever existed in one place before.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Z Fish Report (3/22/12)

The blue water is basically hugging the 100 fathom line, and about 6 miles off the beach. The water temperature dropped a couple of degrees this last day or two, with 78 degree water offshore and a real cool 75 degrees inshore.

Michael Stelma and Keri from Seattle had a good day with
Francisco on the super panga Huntress

Some people were concerned about the 7.6 quake we had down here. It hit about 200 miles south of Zihuatanejo and about midnight. I was asleep and didn’t feel a thing. Talking to other people who were awake (non-fishermen), they said it was just a couple of quick bumps and nothing else. No problems here at all.

The quake didn’t seem to hurt the action, but the cool water temperature drop has affected the fish. Adan, on the panga Gitana II took Kelowana British Columbia residents Cyril & Lisa Augustine out one day. They tagged and released 4 sailfish, and got a nice dorado for dinner. On the same day, Francisco on the super panga Huntress released 2 large striped marlin and 1 sailfish. Then the temperature dropped and today Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II, raised 1 striped marlin, and 5 sailfish, but couldn’t get them to eat anything. He was fishing with Robert Bullock and his two daughters.

Ernie's 1st rooster - He said they fight hard...I had to laugh

Ernie's rooster coming in

Dick Terry and his jack . Note the bent spin rod to the left.
That is Dwight Hoyle fighting his rooster. 

The inshore is cold and a bit off colored. We are going to have to wait a few more days for things to stabilize before it picks up again. However, local icon Ernie Mrachek of Troncones went with Dwight Hoyle from Sequim WA, and Dick Terry from Troncones for a day on the super panga Giatana with Santiago and Adan. They made the long run to Puerto Vicente Guerrero, and did well with 2 very nice roosters and a large jack crevalle.
Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

Irish Bass...

After making the trip to Kerry yesterday to meet with John Quinlan for a meeting about the upcoming bass festival ( and a little bit of fishing ) it opened my eyes to a lot of things. One being the amount of voluntary work that John does to protect the sport we love and the bass stocks in Ireland . He is one highly motivated man who puts in countless hours of his own time without looking for anything in return on behalf of all bass anglers . The research , the meetings , the constant pressure he keeps on the government is outstanding and I for one owe him a big thank you for putting in such great efforts to protect what we have here in Ireland. One thing that I and you can do to help is to sign up to Irishbass , it is easy to do just click this link  and at the bottom left hand side of the page click on become a friend of Irish bass , fill in a few details and you are done . It costs nothing but every name makes a difference when needed.

On another note if you are like me and love your bass fishing whether it be bait , fly or lure and you get the opportunity get youself down to Kerry for a guided fishing session with John . Yesterday we only spent a couple of hours with John and learnt so much . The terrain is the stuff of dreams and the accommodation is out of this world. You can you can have a look here to see what is on offer in one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland. John seriously knows his stuff and puts his clients on some great fishing .We never stop learning and even after one day with John my brain is buzzing with new ideas and techniques.

We know it is early days but if people who have not yet entered could start entering for the festival or if you are unsure or can not fully commit yet just let us know as we are trying to get a rough idea of numbers. Lots of entries in already and is looking like it will be a great fun event .

Tight lines..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hope you enjoy your fly juice extra pulpy.

I am proud to be a part of the soon-to-be-released e-book Pulp Fly. This electronic pile of fishy goodness may, in fact, be the most unique thing to be released into the fly fishing inderwebs since forever. Don't believe me? Well, you will just have to take a look for yourself after the release on Amazon on April 1st.

This little jewel also features the literary stylings of Pete McDonald, Matt Dunn, Matt Smythe, Bruce Smithhammer, Ralph Bartholdt, Alex Cerveniak, Bjorn Stromeness, Michael Gracie, and Davin Ebanks.

All stars, all of them.


For more information on the book visit, and visit the Facebook Page.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TFM Groping

It is kinda like TFM spotting, but instead of having someone take a photo of you sporting the shirt, you drink a lot of alcohol and then fondle/molest someone wearing one.

I, in fact, have this contest won forever because I started at the top, the highest level, the peak of the mountain with the Man Cam himself. It's like spelling Chuck Norris in scrabble. You win for life.

-Alex who was thinking about stealing one of those onion rings so hard.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just The Thing

On Top Of Slush
on top of rotten snow
.. Mom is doing her best to slide gently into Spring. We are treated to heavy wet snow, rain, sleet, sun, thunder, warm and cold temperatures - sometimes all in the same hour. Just the way it always is.
.. Visitors, (very few, now that Yellowstone National Park is closed,) comment on the variety of weather in the most colorful of verbiage. The neighbors smile, shake their heads, and wonder how it is that lowlanders think that water gets into rivers.
.. Took a quick jaunt down to _____ Creek. It's a scrumptious sight for eyes too long glazed by frozen water. It's being fished at it's estuary and lo, the fish managed to survive the winter once again. We watched. laughed, kibitzed, cajoled, and encouraged the kids that did us a turn and took us along.
.. The capricious Springtime mix of precipitation is being called for during the next couple of weeks. It's a good thing: keeps the idiots gentry down low. We'll be there soon to see how it's done. Rumor is; that the Missouri River is getting hot early. The pre-runoff season is upon us.
.. More to come from the lowlands.

Friday, March 16, 2012

We're Loving It

HUZZAH !!! - The Big Melt
gotta go now

.. The streets are really and truly paved in West Yellowstone, Montana. For just over four months a 10" - 14" snow pack has been maintained on our streets. It has been groomed and manicured by our dedicated town road crews. This facilitates travel through the village by snow machines.
.. When the bottom falls out & the slush becomes an obstacle course of frozen tank-traps at night, the city crews spend 18-hour days removing the tons of melting snow to keep the roads safe. Those folks now have the majority of the streets down to the pavement - bless 'em all!
.. Rumors have just hit our ears of sizable and gallant  fighting trout in the heavily pounded stretch of water between the lakes. We're about to don our elbow pads and wade into the silliness. The rumors demanded our attention especially since they contained a cherished bit of wisdom: "FISH NYMPHS!!"  We'll let you know.

Savage Gear (Slatwater tuned)

Savage Gears new range of saltwater prey lures are out and they look very impressive. They come in three different shallow diving sizes the 110, 130 and 146. They also have a very impressive top prey lure. We have been hearing some good things about these lures and the freshwater version has accounted for some nice bass for us last year. Here are some pictures of these very impressive lures you can check them out here for more information...

Psycho Sandeel
Psycho Sardine 
Lemon Flash Back

Opening hours over the Paddy's weekend.

Saturday - 10am-3pm
Sunday - Closed
Monday - Closed

Shop phone will be diverted so if you need anything just give us a ring on 051 393559

Paddy Days Special 20% of all rods. Give us a ring on Saturday if interested.

Tight lines,


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Z Fish Report (3/15/12)

The 80 degree water is just off the beach all up and down the coast, with a large area of 86 degree water at 26 miles south on a 180 degree heading. This is a massive area extending way pat Acapulco.

Coming out of the full moon period, the fishing is picking up. This last week averaged 1 to 2 sailfish a day for each boat, and a few dorado were taken by several boats in the fleet. The most action has been coming from the large skipjack tuna which have moved into the area, and are only a couple of miles off the beach. Called oceanicos by the locals, the captains have been targeting the 18 to 20 pound fish on light gear for a fun day on the water.
Francisco, on the super panga Huntress went looking for yellowfin tuna clear out to the 39 mile mark on a southerly heading. They didn’t find the tuna, but Michael Stelma and Kari from Seattle each caught a sailfish and released them. They also raised 3 other sails.

Adan, on the panga Gitana II got 4 sailfish in 3 days of fishing, then fished the inshore, catching lot of jack crevalle off the beaches, and then getting a lot of skipjack.
Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II has been doing the same, and wore out client John Lawrence yesterday on spin gear with all of the jacks and skipjacks. Today, Cheva took the Wade Larson family for a half day of inshore fishing and skipjacks, and then to Ixtapa Island to cook up the fresh fish and enjoy some snorkeling.

Ed Kunze
PS: No photos this week because my computer caught a cold, and is in the shop. I am on my wife’s laptop right now…and it is giving me fits. My computer and key board are Mexican, but in English. Her lap is American, and in Spanish…go figure.  


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

no time.

I have no time. No time to tell you about the awesomeness that was. No time to tell you about the awesomeness that will be. Just no time.

Let me relax. Let me sit on the couch and watch DVR things. Let me climb into bed without thinking about time. Please.

Not gonna happen, bro. Suck it up and get your shit re-packed, bro. Get back on the road. Hows the shoulder? Hows the finger? Doesn't matter. Don't be a pussy.

No rest for the fishy.

Matt Dunn took this photo and the coolness is undeniable.

-Alex who will be late to the PM post party due to large amounts of extra awesomeness, but promises not to disappoint when the time comes.

I found your pet, Now where is my reward?

Aaron and I had to hit up a a little known spot for fish not caught too often by the fly angler.

And this time it was legal.

This close to St. Paddy's day we hoped, with no luck, they would crap some gold bars... we are still broke.

-Kyle, who loves pond fishing

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Native Fish Get Boost

$1,000,000 = $2,000,000
Grant Matched By NPS
just a start
..The Yellowstone Park NATIVE FISH CONSERVATION PROGRAM has been given a boost by the finalization of the $1,000,000 grant from the Yellowstone Park Foundation.
.. Last December we noted that Yellowstone Park was embarking on a comprehensive program to protect and preserve native fish stocks. That program is now underway with the infusion of funds and the implementation of the plan.
.. The recognition that the native fish and their abundance and distribution and behavior constitute a vital link in the ecology of the park has led to this action. As a food source for grizzly bears, birds, coyotes, otters, and other animals the native species are vital to the health of the ecosystem.
.. This effort is designed to address all aspects of the concerns about the dwindling populations of native fish and will guide management for the next two decades and beyond.
.. A major concern, of course, is the impact of Lake Trout on the native cutthroat population. Efforts to ameliorate this impact will include stepped-up gill netting efforts, research, and plans to create a resiliency in the native fish population.
.. It will probably take six years to accomplish the major goals of the project. During this time future strategies and management plans will also be developed to insure that the native fish population can be successfully managed in the face of:
** Predation by non-native fish such as Lake Trout and Brown Trout,
** Hybridization with non native Rainbow Trout,
** Drought, climate change and fishing pressure.
.. The top priority of this action is to decrease the number of Lake Trout in Yellowstone Lake.
.. Additionally the project aims to:
+ Restore Yellowstone cutthroat trout to waters within the northern portion of the park;
+ Develop a westslope cutthroat trout brood source;
+ Continue long-term restoration efforts of westslope cutthroat trout; and
+ Begin to restore Arctic grayling within the Gallatin and Madison drainages.
.. Information Resources:
-- Yellowstone Park Foundation Announcement,
-- Yellowstone Park Information Document (PDF),
-- FONSI Native Fish Conservation Plan (PDF),
-- Native Fish Conservation Plan EA (PDF),
-- Native Fish Conservation Plan EA;  Chapters 1-5 (PDF),
-- Native Fish Conservation Plan EA; Appendices A-F (PDF),
-- Native Fish Conservation Plan EA; Appendix G (PDF).

Monday, March 12, 2012

Not Quite . . .

Winds Were Manageable
neighbors vacate town
..Sunday was another pleasant and unseasonably warm day. The thermometers in town ran to 47° F and not a bit more. We were hoping for another 50° F. The day was "Squinty Bright," and sun block was a definite must.
.. Some of the brave neighbors probed the estuaries along the shore of Hebgen Lake for legal open water: it's a sport for the young and thick of body. Rumors of open water at the mouth of Grayling Creek persist - SO?
Size 20 winged midge with outriggers
.. Ice fishing is still in full swing and, (depending on expertise,) some fine trout dinners are being gathered up.
.. Smokies, (whitefish,) as well, are running to 3# and seem eager as the ice-out approaches.
.. The water around Campfire Lodge is getting a pounding - all the way down to Quake Lake. Fish are being taken on just about any subsurface offering in the size 10 to 14 range. Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Prince Nymphs, Feather Duster Nymphs, Shop Vac Nymphs, and winged midges, (size 20 - 24,) are getting drowned in abundance.
.. The extended forecast calls for a few more gentle days with some mixed rain and snow about to show up in the neighborhood.
.. There is a steady stream of cars running from town to the little bits of legal open water. There are quite a few non-recreational snowmobilers headed to the major estuaries as well.
.. The fisher folk of our village have abandoned their 'stool-warming' at the pubs during mid day and can only be found with their prehensile cheeks squoze down after dark - - SPRING FEVER HAS ARRIVED !
With the last few weeks of salubrious weather the Madison River is already bank-full

Sunday, March 11, 2012

. . . And Then Some !

The Bottom Falls Out
the neighbors rejoice
FISHERS OF THE FLY  --  Between The Lakes
.. It happened. The thermometers in town hit the magic number:  50° F. The neighbors are sanguine enough to understand that it means nothing of great significance at this point in March - but they chortle and giggle at the prospect of our impending Spring.
.. During the daytime hours our town's roads become a rutted mush. As the sub-zero nights blanket our basin the roads become icy tank traps waiting to devour the undercarriages of unsuspecting visitors in their low-slung $50,000 chariots. Even the granola skiers have trouble with their "Super Subaru's."
.. The very thin skim of ice that was left on several neighborhood small streams has evaporated with the bright sun and high temperatures. A few shaded small streams, (like Cabin Creek,) are still ice and snow covered.
Sierra Bright Dot
.. Surprisingly, (and happily,) Friday and Saturday were not only bright and warm, - BUT -  without any significant winds. The midge fishers jumped on it!
.. It may hit 55° F today but the winds have already started. The "snow-eater" arrives!
.. A couple of months ago we extolled the virtues of the Sierra Bright Dot as a fly for taking trout when the midges were hatching.
.. Of course the fly-shop-groupies poo-pooed it and stuck with the sanctioned offerings of their respective feather merchants. It's understandable given the economic and social competition between the elitist fly shop gangs, (whose hat do you wear?)
Olive Double Midge
.. We would like to highlight a very, very, similar fly from RiverBum; used in exactly the fashion that we've touted. On occasion even the feather merchants get it right.
.. Between The Lakes on the Madison River the neighbors, and a few visitors from states in the deep south like Utah and Wyoming, are taking fish on San Juan Worms, Sierra Bright Dots, floating Shop Vac's, and small streamers of various sorts.
Worms du jur between the lakes
.. The combined effects of warm sunny days and top-of-lake-discharge have made the Hebgen Tailwater very productive for the winter hatching fauna.
.. According to the glitterati literati folks that know, there may be three species of midges and their associated worms in the tailwater.
.. We have no idea. We do know that the traditional San Juan Worm in a glorious red color is the preference for the fishers that like to catch fish.
.. We're headed down that way, (sort of,) to a bit of open, legal, water without a trampled footpath. We suggest that you fish Between The Lakes now. It's hard to tell when the Montana DFWP will figure out that there is genteel recreation occurring there and regulate it.