Sunday, February 5, 2012


How About Ice Fishing ?
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.. Too much happening to blink at 120 cycles. We'll catch the second half - maybe.
.. The pubs and theater will be full; so too the neighbor's couches.
.. Spent last evening with the kids and snow program at the hockey rink.
Thanks Dad.
.. The evening was another in the series of  "S'mores & More" events: great fun.
.. Fearless 4-yearolds vs. timid adults always results in cathartic confrontations.
.. We're constantly confounded by visitors and the belief that winter is something to be feared.
.. With open arms our neighbors embrace the opportunities of the season. No great fear here.
.. Not even fishing is ignored. The "post card" images of idyllic pools and inviting riffles are lost in the frenzy of preparations for a daily outing on the ice: with augers, coolers, tackle, warmers, (for the hands, feet, and innards,) and all the necessary impedimenta for a grand time.
.. The NAIFC regional Ice Fishing Tournement kicks off on Hebgen Lake in about an hour. Temperatures have warmed up to about -13° F: the sun is bright and the breeze is below 5mph - PERFECT !
.. We may fish. We may officiate. We may just watch. It's a big deal around here. There's a $21,000 pay out.
.. It's a simple thing: you get five hours to catch and keep five fish; top weight wins. Only Rainbow Trout count.
.. Every entry, (2-person team,) is carefully searched at the start, (there's plenty of places to hide a big fish in the gear, clothing, snowmobile, etc.) the gun sounds and if everything goes well you can be at home for the kick-off.  OR NOT !
.. We tried laying on the beach for a year or two. Sum Fun !
Just Push A Bit Harder.
Skates Or Shoes - Your Choice.