Thursday, January 26, 2012

Z Fish Report (1/26/12)

Long line pangas confiscated!

The 80° blue water is still hanging close to the 100 fathom line between 5 and 6 miles off the beach. Early in the week, for sailfish, dorado and blue marlin, the fishing was fantastic. But, these last few days has seen a complete turnaround with few boats catching fish, and no reasonable explanation. The fishing shut off like there had been an earthquake or a major drop in the barometer…but neither of them happened, so we should be getting back to good fishing again soon.
A nice saifish about to be relesed by Francisco
on the super panga Huntress
Early in the week, Francisco on the super panga Huntress, went out about 9 miles, released 4 sailfish and a blue marlin, and was back at the dock by 10:30. A few days later, they released a couple of sails, and lost a huge dorado. Then went out yesterday and got zip. It was the same story for Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos. He did excellent early in the week, and then zip yesterday.
The biggest news is not about our current fishing, but about the future of sport fishing on this coast. After several current meetings with authorities and demanding action, the sport fishing captains finally got some results. This week the Mexican Navy went out and caught red handed 11 pangas illegally fishing with simbras (long lines). The boats and all gear were confiscated.
There is a lot of anger in the port right now. These long liners have been illegally fishing for years with impunity: They actually feel they are the victims of a corrupt society. More than one sport fishing captain is sleeping on his boat right now. The probability of retaliation is a reality.
Also remember, the fishing community here is basically only a few families. So we are taking about cousins Vs cousins, and brother-in-laws against compadres, etc. For more explanation on this, please review the following link, which is a chapter from my book about fishing here on the West Coast of Mexico….
Note the hook in the coner of the mouth on
Francisco's release

The inshore fishing for huge jack crevalle and large sierras is still holding and very good.
Ed Kunze  - IGFA Representative

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