Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So far this fishing season has been good to me!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just in....

Some new lures have just arrived in. With the evenings getting longer, its only a matter of time before we will be out chucking these lures off the rocks again....cant wait.

Sasuke 75 Shad (SK75-003)

"The Killer" Sasuke 140 candy

IMA Gyo Do 130 MD Candy

IMA KO 130S Ko-011 (also availble in candy)

Komomo II (11-005)

Sasuke 120 Candy

Sasuke 120 RP117

Sasuke 105 (sinking) candy

Sasuke 105 (sinking), SKF105-034

Tight lines.

Monday, March 28, 2011


For a while I have been trying to get one of these bastards, Today I finally got one. And then another one! Grass carp are fun!

I bet Rod likes the hat!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Top 10?


Due to our enjoyment of fishing, and drinking we have made the top ten best fly fishing websites for the fellas at The Daily Hunt and Fish.

As they say,
"Their fat, their fun, their a bit crude, and they love to fish. This is what blogging is all about. A few buddies not only documenting their fishing adventures but also giving us a glimpse into their strange but real life. WARNING this website is not for everybody. I will not pull up this site up with my seven year old next to me. It is a true blog you never know what they will post next."

For me I would like to note some our special talents,
Alex, amazing with the camera, video making, most of the stuff on here, dedication to catch the fish, the only one of us that is fully literate, and putting up with Kyle's shit.

Aaron, Knowing where and when to fish, ability to drink "copious" amounts of booze, producing amazing yet horribly disturbing body smells, and putting up with Kyle's shit.

And for myself, I am always ready to put my body through a new experiment for research or just for the hell of it.

And to the Fellas at Daily Hunt and Fish, thank you for helping up spread the word!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Z Fish Report (3/24/11)

The 80ยบ surface water temperature has been returning, and with it has been a fairly noticeable return of the offshore game fish. It certainly is not a wide open bite, but at least it has been a bit better than the last few weeks.

Mike Bulkley of the supper panga Huntress, with his captain Francisco emailed me this: We have not been offshore this week. On two inshore trips we have had good to excellent action on Big Jacks, small chula, sierra, and bonitos. Today, we had three jacks about 25 lbs, 7 sierra, two chulas, two cocineros (green jacks), two bonitos (black skipjack tuna) and managed to hook a large Pargo on a deep running Rapala. All that and home at 11:30.

Offshore, fishing is picking up with sails and blue marlin being hooked from ten to thirteen miles out. Two blues were hooked yesterday along with two sails by the Agua Azul and Ivan on the Queen Yervette hooked another blue today about 13miles out.
Captain Franciscowith a nice pargo on
the super panga Huntress
The main action, at least for now, is still the inshore. Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermaonos II, is one of the best here for the inshore fishing. He is getting about 30 fish a day, including large jack crevalle up to about 25 pounds, sierras, and chulas on live bait and a trolled Rapala.

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, had a couple of excellent days inshore, and a very good day offshore. He found good clean water at 18 miles and hooked 2 blue marlin yesterday (Wed.). He also found a school of yellowfin tuna, and got a few of the 15 to 25 pound fish.

Ed Kunze
To order a copy of my fishing book about fishing here on the West Coast of Mexico:


Thanks Are In Order
celebrations may be premature 

.. The odious "Ditch Bill" has been tabled in the Montana Senate Agriculture Committee. This is interim good news.
.. Now then, those of you who wrote letters, made phone calls, or sent emails - DO IT AGAIN!
.. Thank the party you wrote to. Express your gratitude at sanity prevailing in this bizarre legislative session. The thank you's are just about as important as the call to arms. Don't let it slide.
.. A tabled bill is not dead! Repeat; "A TABLED BILL IS NOT DEAD!" Sneak attacks are possible at the last minute when they think you're not looking. Write those letters. Let them know that you are watching.
.. Read the news and analysis at these sites:
==> Chi Wulff,
==> Will Fish For Work,
==> Tight Line Adventures.
.. Brookings pictures to follow.
Photo courtesy of G.M. Craeg

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

P P P POW!!!!

Alex Aaron and I went to Patagonia.
Pre-spawn bass can be fun. Toss a fly in their area and piss them off, results are as follow!
Alex and I were at Sportsmans getting ready for the trip, Alex found a crappie jig in the discount bin. It was a green head with a bright magenta marabou body. Alex said "Buy this and throw it all day you will catch the fish."
I said, "I don't want it, its too damn big and too bright for these fish."
Alex kept bugging me to buy the damn thing, and now I am glad he did.
I dropped it and watched the bass circle it for a bit, then he sucked it up!
I tossed it to another bass right after and BAM!!!! Another one.... almost.... It broke me off.

So throwing for fish that just are not interested in anything, I remembered that I pissed off 2 bass and landed the smaller one on some super ugly bright colors. I put a fly on that Aaron tied for me a few years back, Yes it was ugly and bright, I pulled that guy out with it. I am satisfied!
Now for my stupid photo with my big bass of the day!

Last night...

Some nice bass starting to show around the Waterford coastline at the moment. Heres Cian with a nice fish of around 5.5lb from last night.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Big Ass Florida Post

It was good pho, and the first time I had been to this particular restaurant. The woman gave me grief about putting the hot sauce directly in the broth, saying that it is cooked for eight hours and if us white boys make it too hot we won’t be able to enjoy the flavor. Whatever. Don’t tell me how to eat my pho just because you are some sort of expert.

The obligatory fortune cookies arrived with the check, and I asked for a to-go to take home the remainder of my delicious broth (because it kicks ass with ramen noodles). She shot me a sideways, judgmental glance and headed back towards the kitchen.

I opened my cookie and smiled, sticking the little piece of paper in my pocket.

That was two days before I left.


Tampa Bay morning.

The first question that crossed my mind when my inbox pinged with the conformation to photograph a beach wedding in Naples was where am I going to fish?

That question was quickly answered by a couple of FB messages, and I was all set to party at the beach.

... as soon as the work was done.

I like Florida. Well, I can't say that. I don't really know Florida, but I like the Ritz Carlton in Naples and their heavy Makers pour, I like the weather in March, I like the beach, I like getting the winter-pale off my feet in the sand, I like the smell of water, I like hanging out with James, Erin and little Cooper in a sweet house in Apollo Beach with its own dock housing twenty-three feet of Bay Runner fishing potential. I like these things.

Bling. This is where the wedding was.

James and his big dock.

Patio and Bella.
Moving on...


spanish mackerel

James wasn't happy about the weather. The cold front that had just passed. The lunar and solar tables. The tides. I was a little early for the awesomenes, he said, but we made due and I had a good time regardless.

We ran from spot to spot: oyster bars, bays, inlets, outlets, down edges and around points searching for the fish. We caught a few here, and a few there.

Black Drum... ate a shrimp.

Sea trout could beat up most of the trout in my state.

Bay Ninja.

"Go tell your mama what I done."

Morning Mackerel

Solo Red.

Double Jacks

On the eleventh hour, between a metal scrap yard and some other industrial hardware we found this school of jacks and I think these little guys were the highlight of the trip for me, mostly because it was the first time I had something to throw a fly at. The rest of the time was a combination of glass minnows and shrimp covering a lot of water just trying to find the fish.

James told me that I had to come back during the summer when the fishing is how it should be. I think I will have to do that and in no small part because of:


I love food. I love buying it. I love cooking it and I especially love eating it. So does James.





Little Cooper helping his daddy with dinner.

So yeah, I had a good time.

The End.

-Alex who knows that this post is pretty ridiculous.

A couple from last night...

Myself Cian and Paul decided we had to get out to have a go for some bass last night....

Some quick running ledgers rigged up and with some top quality popping peelers as bait we set off with the light gear quietly confident of hitting a few bass as they are really starting to make a good appearance around some Waterford marks at the moment.

We wernt disappointed, myself and Paul had some nice bass (CIAN BLANKED, not that we would get onto him in any way) and also a couple of bin lid flounders insured we had some good sport for the night.

Its nice to finally know that the bass are finally making there way back inshore close enough for us to finally target them on bait and lures.

Tight lines,