Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Plain Scary

HB 309 Poop
do it now or forever hold your tongue
.. Despite the outcry from fisher folk this obnoxious bill is trundling along like an out of control steamroller. Opponents of the bill have noted that the response from the interested public is "satisfactory."
.. "SATISFACTORY" is not what is needed! Words like 'enormous' and 'overwhelming' would be more to our liking.
.. Send a letter now. Make a telephone call now. Send an email now. This insidious push to remove  access to the public-owned waters of Montana will continue if the response is only "satisfactory."
.. Below are listed some recent blog posts, news articles, and other information that will help you understand the issue. Also listed are a few key addresses for your use.
==> Interview with Montana T.U. Conservation Director Mark Aegenes @ Chi Wulff.

==> Dirty Dozen threats to Montana's rivers and access still alive in the current legislative session @ Chi Wulff.

==> Ranchers Strike Back At Stream Access in The Flathead Beacon.

==> The debate in Helena: from

==>Passage of the ditch bill from the Helena Independant Record.

==> Representative Welborn's rationale for sponsoring the bill and what the language "really" means. From his lips.

==> Post from The Shooting Head in Washington - good plan of action.
.. Now that the senate has the bill we need to let the senators in Helena know our feelings. Provide them with the sane and rational reasons to defeat this bill. Here's a list:
SD 01: Chas Vincent (R)
34 Paul Bunyan Lane
Libby, MT 59923

293-3839 /

SD 02: Ryan Zinke (R)
409 West 2nd Street
 Whitefish, MT 59937

862-0823 /

SD 03: Bruce Tutvedt (R)
2335 West Valley Drive 
Kalispell, MT 59901

257-9732 /

SD 04: Jon Sonju (R)
PO Box 2954
 Kalispell, MT 59903

270-7113 /

SD 05: Verdell Jackson (R)
555 Wagner Ln
 Kalispell, MT 59901

756-8344 /

SD 06: Carmine Mowbray (R)
PO Box 1202 
Polson, MT 59860

883-4677 /

SD 07: Greg Hinkle (R)
5 Gable Road
 Thompson Falls, MT 59873

827-4645 /

SD 08: Shannon Augare (D)
PO Box 2031
 Browning, MT 59417

450-0020 /

SD 09: Rick Ripley (R)
8920 Highway 200
 Wolf Creek, MT 59648

SD 10: Bradley Hamlett (D)
PO Box 49 
Cascade, MT 59421

264-5885 /

SD 11: Anders Blewett (D)
PO Box 2807
 Great Falls, MT 59403

231-8618 /

SD 12: Mitch Tropila (D)
PO Box 929 
Great Falls, MT 59403

899-3474 /

SD 13: Edward Buttrey (R)
27 Granite Hill Lane
 Great Falls, MT 59405

250-5103 /

SD 14: Llew Jones (R)
1102 4th Avenue South West
 Conrad, MT 59425

271-3104 /

SD 15: Jim Peterson (R)
1250 Buffalo Canyon Road
 Buffalo, MT 59418

374-2277 /

SD 16: Jonathan Windy Boy (D)
Box 269
 Box Elder, MT 59521

395-4718 /

SD 17: Rowlie Hutton (R)
2 Lila Drive
 Havre, MT 59501

SD 18: John Brenden (R)
PO Box 970
 Scobey, MT 59263

783-5394 /

SD 19: Donald Steinbeisser (R)
11918 County Road 348 
Sidney, MT 59270

433-2187 /

SD 20: Frederick Moore (R)
487 Signal Butte Road
 Miles City, MT 59301

234-3562 /

SD 21: Sharon Peregoy (D)
PO Box 211 
Crow Agency, MT 59022

639-2198 /

SD 22: Taylor Brown (R)
775 Squaw Creek Road
 Huntley, MT 59037

348-2070 /

SD 23: Alan Olson (R)
18 Halfbreed Creek Rd 
Roundup, MT 59072

323-3341 /

SD 24: Kim Gillan (D)
750 Judicial Avenue
 Billings, MT 59105

248-6063 /

SD 25: Kendall Van Dyk (D)
PO Box 441 
Billings, MT 59103

690-1728 /

SD 26: Lynda Moss (D)
552 Highland Park Drive 
Billings, MT
252-7318 /

SD 27: Gary Branae (D)
415 Yellowstone Avenue 
Billings, MT 59101

245-2127 /

SD 28: Jeff Essmann (R)
2101 Grand Ave #5 
Billings, MT 59108

259-8404 /

SD 29: Edward Walker (R)
4221 Rimrock Road 
Billings, MT 59106

697-6967 /

SD 30: Jason Priest (R)
PO Box 743
 Red Lodge, MT 59068

425-0674 /

SD 31: Ron Arthun (R)
285 Shields River Road
 Wilsall, MT 59086

578-2340 /

SD 32: Larry Jent (D)
506 East Babcock 
Bozeman, MT 59715

587-1210 /

SD 33: Bob Hawks (D)
703 West Koch Street
 Bozeman, MT 59715

587-1403 /

SD 34: Joe Balyeat (R)
6909 Rising Eagle Road 
Bozeman, MT 59715

539-5547 /

SD 35: Art Wittich (R)
3116 Sourdough Road
 Bozeman, MT 59715

585-7418 /

SD 36: Debby Barrett (R)
18580 Highway 324 
Dillon, MT 59725

681-3177 /

SD 37: Steven Gallus (D)
2319 Harvard Avenue 
Butte, MT 59701

494-3914 /

SD 38: Jim Keane (D)
2131 Wall Street
 Butte, MT 59701


SD 39: Terry Murphy (R)
893 Boulder Cut Off Road
 Cardwell, MT 59721

285-6937 /

SD 40: Mary Caferro (D)
PO Box 1036 
Helena, MT 59624

443-4066 /

SD 41: Christine Kaufmann (D)
PO Box 1566
 Helena, MT 59624

439-0256 /

SD 42: Dave Lewis (R)
5871 Collins Rd
 Helena, MT 59602

458-5511 /

SD 43: Gene Vuckovich (D)
1205 West Third Street
 Anaconda, MT 59711

563-2313 /

SD 44: Bob Lake (R)
PO Box 2096 
Hamilton, MT 59840

363-4091 /

SD 45: Jim Shockley (R)
PO Box 608
Victor, MT 59875


SD 46: Carol Williams (D)
3533 Lincoln Hills Point
 Missoula, MT 59802

728-8735 /

SD 47: Ron Erickson (D)
3250 Pattee Canyon Road
 Missoula, MT 59803

549-4671 /

SD 48: Tom Facey (D)
418 Plymouth
 Missoula, MT 59801

728-6814 /

SD 49: Dave Wanzenried (D)
903 Sky Dr
 Missoula, MT 59804

543-2775 /

SD 50: Cliff Larsen (D)
8925 LaValle Creek Road
 Missoula, MT 59808

728-1601 /
.. If you need inspiration for a letter or email check out the one written by Wayne Mumford over at WILL FISH FOR WORK.
.. Fishing and catching ends on the wade section of the Madison River today, (February 28, 2011.) It's time to let the fish cavort and indulge in sexual shenanigans. Only the section between the lakes is now open. With the return of a few sunny & warm, (20's,) days the midges should return with a vengeance. We'll let you know.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Z Fish Report (2/24/11)

H.C. Lee of Arlington Texas with Leonardo on
 the panga Fish On with a very nice bull dorado
Photo by Don Grantages 
While on the municipal pier this morning, talking to the captains for more information for this report, I spent some time with Santiago, the owner of the super panga Gitana, and his client Len Grupp of Minnesota. Their experiences reflected the overall scenario for the fishing this last couple of weeks. They had been getting 1 or 2 sailfish and maybe a striped marlin a day. Most boats are averaging about 1 billfish a day, with the striped marlin being caught about equally with the sailfish.

What really got my attention though is Len is staying out at Barra Potosi and was telling me of the huge numbers of sardines in the surf there. This is an annual thing, and when the sardines come in like that, the jack crevalle follow. And the jacks are big enough, the Mexican hand line fishermen are having a tough time carrying their 4 or 5 fish back home.

The reason I was really interested about the Barra is because this is an excellent way to spend a day, and one of the few areas on this coast the surf is not too high for a spin or fly rod fisherman for shore fishing. You can kick back under the palapa of one of the restaurants there, have a cold one, a few traditional Mexican appetizers, and wait for the jacks to breeze in again. When the jacks start crashing the bait, you go out and catch a couple of the hard fighting fish, and then back to the cold one. Any fly in a 3 or 4 inch sardine pattern will work, and the spin fishermen are having better luck with shiny 1 to 2 oz spoons and Mega Bait jigs of the same length as the flies.

Otherwise, Santiago told me he made a long run down south to La Barrita and only got a few jacks and a couple of small roosters. Other inshore fishermen are picking up a lot of very nice sized sierras.
Lee's dorado in action
With the cold current pushing down from the north, the clean water is about 6 miles off the beach, but the good blue water is way out at the 50 mile mark. Some of the boats are getting into the 10 to 15 pound yellowfin tuna between 16 and 20 miles on a 240º heading, but Ruben Lara found the bigger tuna, on the same heading, at 54 miles and has been hitting them every day. Ruben used to be the captain of the Vamonos III and is now a commercial fisherman. After a long hard day, he has been getting back to port averaging about 700 pounds of 40 to 80 pound tuna a day. Not bad for a single guy hand lining on an open panga. He told me there are schools out there with some really big tuna. But, he would rather catch 15 tuna at 40 pounds in the same time it would take him to get one 200 pound tuna to the boat.

For an idea how a few of the other captains are doing for a single day of offshore fishing: Mecate, on the cruiser Agua Azul, got 2 sails and 1 nice dorado. Martin, on the Gaviota, got 3 sailfish, and Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II, got 3 striped marlin and 1 sailfish.

Leonardo, on the panga Fish On, fishing with Don Grantges of Texas, had a large Black Marlin on for a while and then it got off. Twenty minutes later they hooked a huge bull dorado over 5 feet long and approaching 60 pounds. It did not get off. It is dinner for several nights to come.

Ed Kunze
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Megabass Flutta Bait...

This is a lure that I have had in my box for a while and have caught on. Using it over clean ground with fast moving current , sinking and drawing it as the tide carried it from left to right . This method works well for this lure and I put my hand up and say this is probably the only situation and method that I would have used this lure for ( not anymore ). After getting a demo on this lure in France last weekend it is going to move up into a lure that I will turn to far more often . It is amazing on a straight retrieve with a few twitches and if the area allows ( depth of water ) stop and pause for a few seconds a few times through the retrieve . It is one of many lures that really impressed me over the weekend . It weighs 35g so you are certainly going to cover plenty of ground and when the wind is up you are going to have no problem pumping it out. One situation that I can not wait to give it a go is off the rocks with a big surf coming in as it will certainly stay down and stable. Some of the best lures on the market can not handle these situations but as you know we get lots of rough weather and wind, finding another lure to have in my box that is going to work well in this situation gives me another advantage (I can not wait to get out with some lures).
More reports on lures seen in Nantes to come during the week.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Firstly I would like to thank everyone who reads the blog . While I was away over the weekend in France the blog reached over twenty thousand hits since we started. It is amazing how many people are reading the blog and both I and James love doing it . So thank you to everyone .

The picture above is of me Paul Burns ( my fishing buddy and tackle junkie) , Yannick ( the owner of ultimate fishing ) and Mick Ward (my good friend and ultimate fishing agent ).

Myself Yannick and Mick.

The lure forum gang having a meal on the Saturday night . What a great group of guys and passionate lure anglers . It was a pleasure to spend the weekend which such a nice group of lads . It was great to spend time with these lads and find out what techniques they are using and what lures are working for them .( also just to have a good laugh in good company).

One of the lure tanks at the show where lures are demonstrated . It is brilliant to see lures being worked at close range. What action needs to be put into these lures , what speed to retrieve and so on . But most important to look at new shiny stuff swim by .

If you are a lure fishing nut I would highly recommend making the trip over to this show . To be honest my mind still has not caught up with the amount of information I took in over the weekend . Hopefully I will settle down and be able to right about what I learnt over the weekend but at the moment my head is buzzing with info .
Above are two of the product designers from DUO . Both of these guys had great English and were more than willing to share information . To be honest they blew my mind . We went to the lure tank where they did demos of some new lures and some which I have been using for years . There is no right and wrong but I have been shown some very effective ways to use these lures that I would have never come up with on my own in a lifetime of using them . Later in the week I will get some pics of lures up and explain as best I can what was shown to me and what way these lures were intended to be used by the guys that designed them .


Ex Post Facto

The Reps On The Floor
and in committee
(P.S. snow for a few days)

.. If you'd like to watch the public floor show that the Montana House of Representatives put on about HB 309 you can CLICK HERE. If you want to listen to it CLICK HERE.
.. Should you be interested enough to watch the Montana House of Representatives Agriculture Committee address this bill CLICK HERE. If you want to listen to it CLICK HERE. The committee session includes interested-party testimony.
.. These are long media clips provided by the State of Montana and should allow you to see the House of Representatives in action. The floor session is about 37 minutes long. The committee session is about 1 hour and 16 minutes long. [Requires RealPlayer.]
.. The first half of the committee session is given over to proponents of HB 309.
.. The time markers for opponents of the bill & of interest to fly fishers are:
==> Montana Wildlife Federation =  @ 25 minutes and 57 seconds,
==> Montana DFWP legal counsel = @ 29 minutes,
==> Montana Trout Unlimited = @ 37 minutes and 30 seconds,
==> Clark Fork Coalition = @ 45 minutes and 20 seconds.
.. When the Senate media becomes available we'll let you know. 
.. If you're up for a real YUK check out the Montana Cowgirl Post on Nutjob Bills in this current legislative session.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

That time of the year again....

As winter slowly starts to slip away and with those nice spring days hopefully just around the corner, I cant help but get sea trout off my mind.

Sea trout run the majority of Irish rivers to spawn from October-December then as spent fish fall back out to sea to feed and condition themselves at sea before returning to their rivers for their next spawning period. So sea trout are hungry predators gorging in the sea surely they will be easy to catch....think again, catching/chasing sea trout on lures, is to say the least challenging and sometimes quite frustrating (but can become an obsession very quickly), but well worth it when that bar of silver slides onto the beach.

These silver bullets are a great sport fish which will do everything they can to shake the hook and they have quite a nack of doing just that. It is also hard to get good hookups as sea trout have very soft mouths while at sea. Small trebles are a must when fishing sea trout if you want a good hook hold.

The key to locating sea trout is to find an area where you think they may be feeding, estuaries, lagoons etc. Visit these marks at various stages of the tide and if there are sea trout present they will show you wont miss them as they jump clear out of the water on a regular basis some say this is to knock off irritating sea lice they may have picked up at sea.

So once you have located the sea trout or know of particular marks where they are present there are a couple of lures I wouldnt be without. As most areas where sea trout hold have a flow of current I like to knock small jigs through the current such as duo press bait fusion and kamuy, p boys and nabura dekas etc. This method can be lethal for trout covering a lot of ground quickly fluterring baits just above the bottom where sea trout sit in wait for passing food.

There are also areas like back eddies (slack water) where small lures like the Zonk 77 and Grace minnow can be very effective lures for catching out sea trout feeding in these areas.

The sea trout are predominantly feeding on small sandeels and small fish therefore these lures seem to work well. Match the hatch!!!

Zonk 77

Grace minnow

Press bait fusion

Press bait Kamuy

Nabura deka

*Important Note*
If you intend to fish for sea trout you will need a licence. You can purchase your licence here

Nantes 2011
At the moment Cian is away in Nantes at the superb fishing show see here for some words from Henry Gilbey about the show. Cian will write up a full report of all new findings (lures/rods/techniques) from his visit over to France sometime next week.

Tight lines,


Friday, February 18, 2011

The Good Fight

Please Take Heed
.. Over the last three weeks we've spent the better part of two months rent on gasoline and motel bills, (and not fished for more than about 6 hours.) We've visited with some friends, neighbors, relatives and politicos.
.. We've traipsed from door to door and from staffer to staffer. We've visited with elected and appointed officials. We are disheartened and enlightened.
.. Under normal circumstances Helena, Montana would not be our choice of midwinter destinations; however this is decidedly not normal. The Montana State Legislature is in session, (once every two years,) and our seat of government is burbling with conversation ranging from medical marijuana to fishing in ditches.
.. Unless you've been asleep at the switch, you know about the ludicrous attempt by the Montana House of Representatives to redefine public water into private water. HB 309 is a top player in any search engine right now. Even blogs and images make the hit list. And they should.
.. We talked to our Representatives and Senators, (a perquisite of old age,) and visited with many staff persons.
.. We also visited with some DFWP servants and can now provide you with some enlightening news. The old adage "All politics is local," is the watchword in Helena.
.. While every person we talked with is acutely aware of the mini maelstrom surrounding this bill, they are also aware of the seeming nonchalance from citizens of the State of Montana and the deep concern of citizens from other states.
.. It may seem callous to note that there is, apparently, more concern from outside our borders than inside. We are awakened and a bit startled!
.. Our elected representatives need to hear from the citizens of Montana. Newspapers, Television, Blogs, and other "media" can only spotlight the issue. Citizens, however, must make their voice heard.
.. If you've never done it before, do it now! Write a letter, make a phone call, (or if you must send an email.) Our legislators need to hear from you. The more personal the form of communication, the more effective it is.
.. An email works. A letter from a constituent carries more weight. A personal visit is truly a heavy vote. And remember, there are people with a lot more money than us that have daily access to the law makers.
.. Although not a certainty, it looks like our Senate will drown this obnoxious piece of legislation. Write to your Senators and give them the reasons for doing so. Let them know that the citizens of Montana are as concerned as the citizens from other states.
.. For an excellent summation of the issue check out "Will Fish For Work." See also the interesting post in Chi Wolf!
.. Be direct, polite, and informed. Senators listen to cogent arguments: they can use them themselves.
.. Our Senator in SD 35 is Art Wittich: Phone = 406-444-4800, Email = It's going to be interesting to see the votes of the Senators. We've already seen the votes of the Representatives!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Z Fish Report (2/17/11)

For this week the clean water starts about 6 miles off the beach, on out to about the 1,000 fathom curve, and then here is a large band of greenish water. This band of cooler water is pushing down from the north.

And, as I predicted last week, the tuna and marlin are coming with the cooler water. With most of the fishing taking place between the 16 to 22 mile marks, the yellowfin tuna and striped marlin are showing up in decent numbers this week, but not many sailfish are being caught. The tuna are on the small side, from 12 to 15 pounds, but they are in large numbers. And, they are hungry, which can present a bit of problem like one small cruiser encountered: Including the captain and deckhand, with two clients, there were 4 people on board when all 5 rods went down. It was a bit interesting for a while on that boat.

Most captains are reporting a couple of strikes by sailfish, but they are not very aggressive and are averaging only 1 hooked sail a day. The striped marlin, liking the cooler water more, are more certain for the hookup.

Long time visitor to Zihuatanejo, John Torres fished a few days with Adan on the panga Gitana II. On conventional gear they took tuna one day, 2 sailfish and a striped marlin the next, and yesterday (Wed.) John got a very nice dorado on the fly rod, and missed a sailfish.

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos II, told me this morning on the pier there are lots of sierra and medium sized jack crevalle inshore, and got into some large jacks near the White Rocks yesterday.
Roy O'shaughnessy with a nice medium sized jack

Fly fishing client Roy O’shaughnessy, of Vancouver, B.C. went down to Puerto Vicente Guerrero with me and Adolfo’s son as my deck hand, and we actually teased three nice roosters to the boat, but failed to get a hookup. We also raised a lot of medium sized jacks.

Ed Kunze
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ZAP GOO syringing

When gluing Puglisi-style post eyes on flies generally I use his method and use cautrery or a soldering iron to burn a little hole in the fibers then use a bodkin to slice a little ball of glue from the tip of the ZAP GOO II, placing it in the hole and spinning the bodkin while pulling it away to leave a nice clean little glue-ball in the hole for the eye. With Puglisi fibers, Congo Hair, and similar material this technique works great.

Lately I have been tying some baitfish patterns that have flash heads. I have noticed while using the above method to apply the glue has problems when trying to cleanly remove the bodkin from the flash without dragging a bunch of the flash around, making a mess. It is not too big of a deal, but if you are anal like me about finishing your flies then you may appreciate this.

I went to a medical supply store down the street and bought a plastic syringe for $1.50 and filed it with ZAP GOO. It works awesome for applying the perfect amount of glue, right where you want it without disturbing the flash fibers.

A slight hesitation before pulling the syringe away will help keep the GOO from stringing.

I have also found that if you wipe the tip of the syringe with a paper towel between applications it helps keep everything clean.


[Update] If you leave a little GOO poking out of the tip of the syringe, it dries and keeps all the rest of the glue nice and uncured. It is easy to pick off when you need to GOO again.

Also cutting off the threaded sheath around the tip with a razor makes it a little less cumbersome.


Fall Musky.

Bow hunt Elk.

Ducks and Dogs.


Fly tying.

Check it out.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sakura Shinjin....

The new sakura shinjins have just arrived and boy are they impressive pieces of kit. Since I heard the sakura rookie range was being discontinued I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new sakura shinjin which take the place of the rookie in sakuras range. The shinjins are extremely light and very well balanced. The shinjins also have new fuji K anti tangle rings to avaoid looping of braid around the rings.

Sakura have really done it again producing a superb lure rod that is sensitive, light, very well balanced but also extremely powerful for a great price.

We currently have the long range series in stock which include;

SIS 702 LR-M 10-35g

SIS 782 LR-M 10-35g

These two rods are great all round fast responsive rods with stacks of power in reserve when needed. They are suitable for fishing both hard and soft baits (Fuji K guides).

SIS 862 LR-MH 15-50g

This rod has a lot of power. When the sea is alive and really pounding in this is the rod to deal with such conditions, built for long range casting and also having all the power you will ever need in a lure rod when fighting fish in big swells. Also fitted with the excellent Fuji K guides for tangle free casting.

For more information on these rods give us a ring in the shop or call in for a look yourself.

Tight lines,


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Toilet wax applicator made easy

You may have already known that toilet bowl gasket wax works just as good as higher priced dubbing wax. And if you didn't, then I am here to tell you toilet bowl gasket wax works just as good as higher priced dubbing wax.

The only issue is one of application.

Just find an empty lip balm, twist the base till the push plate is back at the bottom, and smash the wax into the tube.

Now you have an easy, clean way to wax your thread... and a near-lifetime supply of said wax for around $3.

Happy dubbing.

Z Fish Report (2/10/11)

The Terrafin satellite photos show exactly why the fishing has been on the slow side for sailfish and dorado this week. Cooler water is pushing down from the north, and the fish have gone south.

Here come the yellowfin tuna, and the reason the sails and dorodo are leaving. The marlin and tuna like the 78º water to the north, with the sails prefering the 84º to the south. The two black dots are Zihuatanejo to the north and Acapulco to the south.
Gary Nix, fishing with Wilson hall, with his first ever sailfish Cheva is on the right and getting ready for the release.
Several conventional gear fishermen are still scratching out a fish or two per day per boat, but a few boats are also getting blanked. The dorado are also scarce, with most of the dorado coming from 30 miles out or more. A few blue marlin are being caught, as well a couple of striped marlin.
Wilson Hall of Cannon Falls, MN on the

Dos Hermanos II with a very small sailfish

Blue water fly fishing with Drew Chicone of Florida, we spent a couple of tough days on the water with Leonardo on the Fish On and Cheva on the Dos Hermanos II. We did get strikes, but the fish were not aggressive and would not tease to the boat. We also saw at least a thousand porpoise pushing up bait, and thousands of birds. So the bait is here…just very inactive sailfish. We even saw a blue marlin surfing the swells. All that was sticking up was the top ½ of her tail, but it was over three feet tall. That is a huge marlin. I estimated it to be about 800 pounds.

Early in the week Mike Bulkley and Francisco took clients out after tuna on the super panga Huntress, and did well. When traveling long distances, the security of the twin 80 hp motors on a larger super panga certainly makes it nice. This is what Mike emailed me: Went last Sunday and found the yellowfin tuna at 55 miles. Caught 28 school tuna and broke off two large ones. Didn't get back until 8:30 PM.

Drew Chicone with a hard fighting barrilette on his 9wt 
Lots of birds and lots of bait, just not many fish
Plus, Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos, looking for some blue water action for his clients a couple of days ago found the yellowfin at 15 miles off the beach down in the Papanoa region. Adolpho also told me he is doing well on a few small roosters, lots of jack crevalle and sierras inshore. Keep in mind, Adolfo is fishing every day of the week and is always scouting for new locations, so he will do well for a few days, and then not so well. Most normal panga charters do not range far and wide like he does, so their production is fairly limited.
Ed Kunze

Best Bar By A Dam Site

Good With Flame Broiled Beef
good food and good fun

.. Now there's a change of pace. The Happy Hour Bar on the shores of Hebgen Lake is a haven in the winter time for folks that travel between the high country and the salubrious climes of the Madison River Valley down below.
.. This longtime favorite of local residents harbors good food, good drinks, and good fun.
.. It's a cozy place with "atmosphere" just dripping from the walls, (and ceiling.) This year-round watering hole is gathering place for the "LAKE PEOPLE." It's out here in the country where elbow room is more important than the minimal conveniences in the town of  West Yellowstone.
.. Sledheads find it in the winter as they cruise the vast expanses of a frozen Hebgen Lake.
.. Ice fishers call the place home, (and they can show you buckets of fish as proof that they really were fishing.). The adventurous cross country skiers willing to forgo the sweet and simple trails of Yellowstone National Park frequent the bar for a toddy or two.
.. In the summertime this is a popular destination for lake fishers, (both gear and fly,) who prefer the adventure of large trout taken from a boat. It's also a port of call for visitors meeting " . . . at the bar . . ."
.. Seasonal and local festivities center at the Happy Hour Bar. The Super Bowl Party was a scene of extreme gaiety. Through the year you may bump into Senators, Movie Stars, Famous Fly Fishers, and other not quite normal folks. Of course there are quite a few "not quite normal folks" that aren't famous and live right here too. You'll probably meet some of them as well.
.. This place just warms the soul and the toes if necessary. Grab a stool and order a burger done the way you like it and be sure to try the sweet 'tater fries.Let them know we sent you; but only when you're ready to leave!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Guy Fairy Tail

Once upon a time, a prince asked a beautiful princess "Will you marry me?"

The princess said NO.

And the prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and screwed skinny big titted broads and hunted and raced cars and went to naked bars and dated women half his age and drank wiskey, beer and rum and never heard bitching and never paid child support or alimony and ate fast food and and kept his house and guns and never got cheated on while he was at work and all his friends and family thought he was super cool as hell and had tons of money in the bank and left the toilet seat up and fished when ever he wanted.

The End.

Let It Snow

Cold Temps Slowing Rivers
cautious optimism
(Click on image for larger size.)
.. We're becoming cautiously optimistic that there will be good stream-flows and correspondingly good catching this coming season.
.. The snowpack is up more than just a bit, (LINK #1, LINK #2,) and the recent intermittent chilly temperatures, (-40° F or so,) have us thinking of those bygone days when stream closures for flow or temperature were not even a thought in fishy planning.
.. Two or three coming weather events have tempered our optimism just a bit. The "Valentines Day Blip," the "St. Patrick's Day Breakup," and the "Tax Return Rains," are still to come.
.. Some time in the next two weeks there will be a spike in the mid-winter temperatures. This blip can cause havoc with the stream flows, snowpack, and fishing plans. If the warm spike lasts for a week or more we can be in deep do-do, (literally and figuratively.)
.. Generally we know that Spring, (such as it is up here,) has arrived in mid March. If it warms toward moderate temperatures the melt accelerates and the rivers turn a lovely color that is reminiscent of chocolate milk.
.. In this part of the world "Spring Break" has more than one meaning. The kids have their own idea and the fishers have theirs. Both groups are already talking about it with eager anticipation.
.. By mid April we've entered our wet season, (it usually lasts through June.) If the rains come with any sort of persistence the snowpack can be washed away in the blink of an eye.
.. Cool is cool for the next few months. We're keeping our eye on the data and the forecasts and will let you know how things are shaping up.