Wednesday, November 30, 2011

got some bigguns up'er on the rez.

Chris Williams Trappers Den Taxidermy - Lakeside, AZ.
For the low low price of $18,000 dollars you too could have the chance to kill a world record elk on the beautiful White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. And it will only cost you an extra $3,000 if you shoot anything over 375 B&C.



Braided lines have gained a lot of popularity among lure fishermen in recent times. The biggest advantage of braid is that because of its zero stretch the angler can work a lure with minimal effort allowing a lot more control over the lure. Bite detection is also enhanced which can be a great help when fishing soft plastics. Casting distance is also improved with these low diameter braids, allowing more ground to be covered.

The weeks special is The Daiwa Tournament PE braid and its about as good as it gets when it comes to 8 strand braid. I have been using this braid for the last few months of the season and honestly cant find a fault with it. This very smooth low diameter braid is a pleasure to use. Check out Henry's thoughts on this braid here

This sensitive braid is VERY strong and gives you alot of confidence when fishing over rough ground when your line can sometimes rub against rocks when retrieving a lure or playing fish. This braid also casts very well and I have had no problems with wind knots.

There are a few things you can do to avoid any problems with braid these include under filling your reel (2mm), close your bail arm manually after a cast and it also important to ensure after your lure hits the water the slack line is wrapped onto the reel tightly before beginning the retrieve....3 very small things to ensure you have no problems with your braid.

Tight lines,


Monday, November 28, 2011


Sometimes you go to the cold mountain lakes.

Sometimes there is a guy that you didn't know you kinda knew, but not really, fishing from the dock.

Sometimes he hooks a nice fish.

Sometimes you take a photo.

-Alex who is embarrassed that he forgot to reset the exposure compensation on his camera... amateur move, bro.

Fishing into coloured water....

So we have all been faced with coloured water, you have planned your trip everything seems okay but when you arrive at your chosen mark you are faced with coloured water. Conditions seem good otherwise, no suspended weed and a nice fizz on the water. There is no doubt, the fish are there but how do you manage to to draw their attention to your lure when visibility is low?

In the past when I was faced with conditions like this I would have walked away and left it for another day but as fishing time can be limited these days it has forced me to fish in these conditions and granted it will be harder success it achievable if you persevere.

These are just my experiences of fishing in coloured water, what has worked for us and some of the methods we use.

Stay or go?

This is the water clarity I was faced with yesterday, on other occasions I would have walked away. However in similar conditions during the summer I have had fish in this kind of water clarity. I hooked one fish yesterday which was only on for max of 5 seconds. It is always going to be much tougher in these conditions but if you know fish are in that area it has to be worth a go, does it not?

Conditions were good, there was a nice fizz on the water and apart from clarity tides were ideal for the location I was fishing. I generally go for lures with chartreuse and  and white colours as I have found this has worked well for me in the past. I fish these two ways, very slow retrieve or a quick crank and pause (the theory being that the quick retrieve and emitted vibrations draw the fishes attention to your lure). Hard lures which have done well for me when the water clarity is far from ideal are the Jackson Athlete the Daiwa Shore Line Shiner and my favourite in such conditions the Zonk Gataride. There is no doubt that the rattling and vibration given off by the lures helps in these conditions.

Its not impossible....just harder,

Here is Paul with nice bass taken on the Zonk Gataride in November last year, fishing into coloured water.

Another method which has worked very well for us this summer when fishing in coloured water is the Wave worm which I will talk a bit more about soon.

We have decided to open the comments on the blog so it would be great to hear your thoughts of fishing in coloured water.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Z Fish Report (11/24/11)

I took this photo about 8:00 when heading North with
 Don Wolcott and Adolfo  on the panga Doa hermanos
With the 80° blue water practically on the beach, the fishing has improved. Most boats are averaging 1 or two sailfish a day, with a nice sized 20 pound class dorado or two thrown in. An, a few other boats are doing a bit better.

Don Wolcott's incredible tattoo

Santiago, on the super panga Gitana, released 5 sailfish, 2, and then 3 on three consecutive days this week for his clients. Ten sailfish releases, for a 3 day fishing trip, is very decent fishing.

Kevin Anderson also fished the blue water with Adolfo, releasing 2 sails and kept a very nice dorado for dinner for all.

Kevin, fishing with Adolfo again on the panga Dos Hermanos fished inshore and managed several jack crevalle and one huge rooster of about 60 pounds. The inshore, tight up against the beach and where the roosters actively feed, is still discolored. The roosters are far and few between.

Don with his first ever saltwater fly caught fish.
A nice 6 pound barrilete

Don Walcott of Merced, CA fished with Adolfo and I for his first salt water fly fishing trip ever. He actually hooked a huge rooster we estimated somewhere north of 60 pounds, but the fly line got wrapped around a finger near the reel, and you just don’t get second chances with these fish.

There are also lots of large sierras inshore, with tons of bait dimpling the surface.

 Ed Kunze
To order a copy of my fishing book about fishing here on the West Coast of Mexico:

For a decent explaination to the seasons and best fishing for each species here in the Ixtapa /Zihuatanejo area check out this web site.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Your Tax Dollars At Work


How much oil is there in the BAKKEN FORMATION?

Friday, November 25, 2011


Desayunos Deliciosos
chorizo con huevos

.. BASTA ! Adiós Turquía: hola sabores de la alegría. It's a refreshing occasion to have breakfast at 2:00 PM, with the neighbors and a 'BUD.'  VIVA!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still Fish Around....

A lot of people have started to put away there lure gear but if you get favourable weather conditions this time of the year the fishing can be outstanding. Windows to get out can be hard to come by but if you get the chance dont delay. Check out Alans blog here and you can begin to see why this time of the year can be good for bass.

Henry Gilbey is over for the week and today is their first day on the water and reports are already in that they have landed a few bass fishing a mark at first light this morning. Keep a eye on Henrys blog here for updates of how he gets on fishing this week.

The weather is going to close in on thursday so if you get a chance to get out before then make the most of it.

Megabass Vision Magnum
"At 130mm, 17.5g, this shallow diving suspends when you stop retrieving"

This weeks special is the Megabass Vision oneten Magnum, see specials here

Tight lines...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fishing For Warmth

.. The snow has come and the fishing is good. Some folks are prepared, others . . . .  Oh well.
.. Check out the sage insight about our winter over at WESTERN MUSIC & COWBOY POETRY.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Attention Bloggers


Could it be a good start to the week...

With the water temp still just over 12 degrees and some decent looking weather on the way with building tides during the week it just might be a good week to get the lures out .
The weather over the last few weeks has been less than ideal for lure fishing but this ( fingers crossed ) could be the break we have been waiting on . If the weather does what it is supposed to do the main challenge is going to be finding clean water . Now when I say clean water it does not have to be gin clear and no weed just clean enough for me to see my lure from about 10ft . Over the last two years I have started fishing water that before I would have walked away from . A bit of colour in the water does not put me off anymore as it has been proven over and over again that the fish are still there and willing to chase a lure in coloured water .

So if you are like me and itching to get out with the lures this could be the week to land a monster .

The hard lures I intend using this week will be from 120mm upwards and a range of soft plastics , slow the retrieve down and give the fish an opportunity to hit . ( just my thoughts on how I will approach my fishing this week )

Hope some of you can make it out for what seems to be a small window of opportunity .

Tight lines.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Z Fish Report (11/17/11)

The blue water is about 6 miles off the beach and hugging the 100 fathom line all up and down the coast. And the surface temperature of the water is varying from “cool” 83° to a very warm 87°, with an average about of 85°. These are excellent sailfish and dorado conditions. And, the blue water mfishing has been improving as we come out of the full moon period. With the new moon occurring next week during the Thanksgiving weekend, we are anticipating excellent blue water fishing, and hopefully a few people vacationing here to enjoy it.
This week Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos got a sailfish and a small blue marlin for his client for his one day in the blue water. Francisco, on the panga Huntress, with his client from Denmark, went 10 miles SW yesterday (Wednesday) with 4 sailfish strikes and releasing 2. Other members of the Danish group are reporting about the same action, with several nice dorado thrown in.

Cheva and Adolfo on the Dos Hermanos pangas have mostly fishing the inshore. The water is still a bit too stained for the roosters to be active, but they are doing well on large jack crevalle.

Ed Kunze
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A day on the water....

Here are some pics from a recent cod and pollock session. Soft Plastics were the order of the day and the usual's such as wave worms, ulti shads, sayori shads and sakura magic eels all worked well for the very hard fighting cod and poll0ck....

We have also just got in some very nice Gamakatsu hooks and jig heads which have just been put up onto the site check out the new products for November here

Also this weeks special is the Yamatoyo (Famell) Braid see specials here

Tight lines...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

el salamander

Four parts part Corona or Corona Light
One part Jim Beam

Get some.

-Alex who knows you will love the deliciousness.
-Josh who has the best drinking crazy-eye in the business.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Aaron pensils out DWD 4.0

-Alex for Aaron who took like three hours to finish the shading on her upper lip.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

IMA Komomo SF 110...

This weeks special the IMA Komomo SF 110.... check out the specials page here for colours available

On the fishing front we had some great soft plastic fishing for cod and pollack on the boat recently, report to follow...

And there are still reports coming in of some good bass fishing on the rocks, so its not quiet over yet as the bass are chasing herring inshore....

Tight lines.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Z Fish Report (11/7/11)

The 82-84° surface water temperatures are ranging all up and down the coast, and out for at least 60 miles. With the blue water only a mile or so off the beach, the sailfish and blue water fishing should be a lot better than it is. But, it is slow. We are on the verge of our huge winter migration of sailfish, and with all the conditions right, things should be turning around soon.
John Darling and Francisco on the panga Huntress II

Referring to the SST Chlorophyll chart, it is easy to see why Francisco took his client John Darling of Washington State 30 miles south to catch a couple of huge dorado. The green water plume to the north is caused from the huge releases of impounded water behind the dam on the Rio Balsas. It is Mexico’s largest river.

Plus, you will note that even though the blue water is just off the beach, it ius still not quite clean enough for the rooster bite to pick back up. This also should happen shortly.

Ed Kunze
To order a copy of my fishing book about fishing here on the West Coast of Mexico: 
For a decent explaination to the seasons and best fishing for each species here in the Ixtapa /Zihuatanejo area check out this web site.

The Search Begins

Open In About Six Weeks
but not for fishing
.. It's time for the neighbors to scatter. Scatter to those places where fish may be found for the next seven months as they wait for the season opening next Spring. It's not a real hardship - but it's a nuisance, gas prices being what they are.
.. Yesterday; the final day of the season in Yellowstone National Park was gloomy, filled with flurries, moderately warm, (35° F,) but a bit blustery as the winds swirled and curled.
.. We pulled out early, (about 3:30 PM,) after sticking an exceptionally small runner with a kype that would do a monster proud - and several residents that took a fly as big as their head.
.. Off to the local pub to swap lies, plan winter strategies, and reminisce: It's entertaining to watch fish grow during the Winter.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Part 2 - How to win accidently and fail properly

The bartender was ignoring everything but the bro at the end of the pine and the slot machine wined as it ingested the only dollar I had in my wallet.

I am not really a gambler. Not with money, anyways. I have always found it strange to take something that I have, that's mine, in my possession, and give it away to pull a handle or push a button or take a busting hit.

But there was something about this machine, this dollar...

Fishing is my favorite gamble. Incalculable time, effort, money, mental anguish, preparatory inadequacies of the mind and muscle born of a desire for just a sample.

Smoking dreams down to the filter with a blistered finger and a hat full of rain. wheels spun and the machine spit out a ticket that was within forty cents of the calculated dollar amount of gas and food for the trip.

Affirmation printed in black and blue ink, handed to the congratulating smile behind the counter, and counted out in faded twenty-dollar bills.

The new york steak wasn't bad either.

     Them Damn Fishes

The storm clouds were screaming silently low, just out of reach and across the treetops. There is always something disconcerting about clouds that move this fast, as if they are running from some unseen terribleness. It makes me feel like running, too.

What an innocent view from above on the whim of the wind; highs and lows commanding participation in precipitation with little rebuttal but muttered curses from those who forgot to check if they packed their rain gear as they move with rarely seen haste towards anything with a roof or overhang.

On the second day we took a run at the fishes from boats, meandering around the little sister lake of the one pictured above. There were fish, and they played with us a little under the overcast and between rains, eating swimming things, and suspended things and things that run away.

C-Daddy Get Some

The next morning, at least for me, was most of the purpose of the trip: the pre-dawn bank cruising browns of a high mountain lake which I angle most often in the summer when the big fish are lethargic. The clouds were especially in a hurry this AM, and I picked the good spot that was the most advantageous to both finding brown trout and casting in the southern wind and went to work.

I worked it hard and good and was rewarded with only a few small but angry rainbows and a couple seconds of rod-rattling fight by something with poundage before being put back in my place. The sun came out to take a peek at the silly men playing with nature, but was quickly bored with the lack of action and went away. Mother N. scheduled a little more rain just to be a dick. Aaron caught his best fish from this particular lake. Then it was time to leave.

Aaron the Proud captor.
-Alex who has heard that the water has cooled down since and the browns are on and is trying really hard not to think about it.


YIKES !!!!


Nearly Tropical Conditions
the neighbors rush to the pools
.. Tomorrow there will be no legal fishing in Yellowstone National Park. Today, we're headed to the last spectacular catching of the year.
.. Yesterday topped 40° F, the wind wasn't, the sun wasn't, the neighbors were and so too, the fish.
.. It's as if the herd of scaly critters, recently arrived from Hebgen Lake, wanted to leave a beautiful memory in the psyche of fisher folk on the Madison River.
.. Resident noses appeared on the surface at about 1:30 PM after a foggy morning of harassing the recent migrants with Woolly Buggers and Snortles.
.. There were a couple of reports of genuine submarines up river on the Gibbon, near the falls. Most of the runners were in the 18" - 22" range. All were seemingly full of spit and vinegar, (boys and girls alike.)
.. The neighbor kids tied a sheaf of flies on #3 & #4 tippet for us and demanded a reward of our cherished lunch.
.. We complied and shared the Nutter Butter 'cookie-spoons' as we dipped Key Lime pie into our maw, followed by coffee and Cherry Heering.
.. We didn't originate this combination but we have made it our own. Scoff not unless you have tried it.
.. The number of fishers increased overnight and as near as we could tell, along the Madison River, the density reached something like 1.5 / mile. 21 rods in 14 miles is not overwhelmingly density considering that the fishers occur in pods, (or whatever.)
.. Speaking of which: is there a collective noun for groupings of fly fishing humans? "A Tangle Of Fly Fishers." "A Snarl Of Wader Wetters," or some such . . . ?
.. Despite the resurgence of fishers there were good holes gone wanting and fish were obliging through the murky evening light.
.. We'll let you know how it goes today. Now for some scrambled eggs with bacon and avocado, potato pancakes, left over key lime pie, and double strong black tea. That should get us to 7-mile bridge before we need more sustenance.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Daiwa Shore Line Shiners...

Continuing on with our weekly specials, this week we will have daiwas shore line shiners on offer.

"Daiwas sliding Long Cast System provide both casting and optimum lure action even in choppy conditions. The Shoreline Shiner series is the ideal choice for anglers seeking an ultra long distance casting minnow"

See here for the range of colours and the types of shore line shiners we have available.

Once again this special will finish on Sunday so do not delay as stocks are limited.

Tight lines....

Last Gasp

Madison Producing: Firehole Too
the elbow brigade is gone
.. Last night's thunder snow delivered more show and less substance than predicted. The low fog of midnight produced the not unusual phenomenon of hundreds of geese circling the town: lost and with no place to land.
.. With our snows coming in bits and pieces, and the daytime temperatures holding in the 30's and 40's, it's about as good as it gets for catching.
.. There are places to park, there are vacant pools, there are eager fish jumping into the waders of fisher folks, and all is right with the world.
..Besides the two bits of famous glory water in Yellowstone National Park, The Gallatin River is an abandoned destination and there are fish to be tangled with in that forlorn little stream as well.
.. There were giant brown caddis flies dancing in the afternoon sun yesterday. The sun was brief, the dances were short, and the nose of several fish must have gotten cold as they gently sipped the final offerings of the season.
.. Even the fish in Specimen Creek responded to some splashy presentations of a Scarlet Ibis and a wet March Brown. Oh, if only days like these could last for months, instead of a week.
.. Well then, perhaps it's time for a "sick day," and another recuperative visitation to the healing waters of the neighborhood streams. After all, the countdown has started and there's a bit of weather in the air.